Learning my lesson more than once

It seems as though my sister is in constant need of me and my husband’s help. She gets herself into so many pickles. She is extremely smart, however, when it comes to matters of needing common sense, she lacks the ability to perform. For example, she once tried to refurbish her heating and cooling system without anyone’s help. That ambition to solve her own problems would normally be wonderful, but, only if she possessed the aptitude for using tools. The last time she attempted to make a repair on her sports car, for example, she ended up making a mindless ten thousand dollar mistake- she made a cut where she shouldn’t have. Upon experimenting with this do-it-yourself technique on her old heating and cooling system, she found herself in a similar predicament. Once she saw smoke coming from her air conditioner, she called me right away. Worried that she might have burned her house down in an erroneous effort in repairing her heating/cooling system, my husband and I raced over to her place.  Thankfully, after seeing the smoke fumes, my sister had called her local heating and cooling business. The local HVAC company sent over an exceptional heating and cooling technician immediately. The certified technician was in the process of righting the wrongs my sister had inflicted on the poor air conditioning unit. Hopefully someday, my sister will correct her ways.

HVAC system 

A famous chef does not need a ventilation system

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be near a famous chef. I wonder what it is like to be in their kitchen. I am sure it smells wonderfully. I wish that I could be on one of those cooking shows learning from them. However, I do not think that I am good or bad enough to get on a show. I imagine that they do not even need a ventilation system. We had to install a ventilation system in my home not too long ago. I am an adequate cook. Sometimes my meals are really good, and other times they are not so great at all. I even burn the meals sometimes. Baking is not my thing. I often just forget about whatever it is I am baking and then it burns. This is why we installed a ventilation system. It would get rid of those nasty smells. If I made a poor meal, the smell of it would be gone in no time. If I burned my brownies, the burnt smell would not fill my entire house. With these famous chefs, I bet they rarely mess up. This is why they would not need a ventilation system at all. I would want to be able to smell their meals for days. It would almost be like an awesome candle I would not want to stop burning. A ventilation system is good for people like me. I am in need to get rid of everyday smells within my home. Especially when you live with four other boys.  


Programming my thermostat

When our heating technician arrived to do a typical check up, he noticed that we still had one of the older model, digital thermostats. I wasn’t prepared to switch to a more highly-priced thermostat, but the heating technician explained the different benefits and I was sold. He had a few the latest models in his work truck and took me out to look at them one by one. I decided on a medium priced, programmable thermostat by means of wifi capability. It certainly wasn’t the most expensive model he had suggested to me, but I loved that this thermostat had a massive LED display. The new programmable thermostat allows us the chance to tailor our HVAC needs for our family. I have the thermostat programmed to shut off at precisely nine a.m. every day. At this time, everyone has got either left for work or school. We would no longer be forced to heat or cool a home with no one inside. That has been a perk for our monthly electric bills, that have seen a serious decline, since we stopped using our A/C in the daytime when no one is home. The programmable thermostat also converts itself back on at exactly three within the afternoon. That gives the house time for you to cool down properly, before my children arrive home from school. In the event the kids have a half of day of school, I could easily turn on the A/C from my desk on the job. The programmable thermostat can easily be used with a program on your tablet or smartphone. The new thermostat is a huge wonderful addition to our lives and for our family.

smart thermostat 

We wanted a getaway with air conditioning

It is finally spring break. Unfortunately my friend’s spring break is different than mine. We go to different schools. I had wanted to go on vacation with her but I went with some other friends instead. Of course our destination was the beach and somewhere warm. We made it there and I was finally happy to walk into the hotel lobby to feel the air conditioning. However, I was surprised when we walked in and our hotel was hotter than it was outside. I noticed that they had all of the windows open that they could. Immediately I knew I was going to be disappointed in the air conditioning. They told us it would be fixed the same day. They told us about the pool and how we could go cool off there. We did not even want to go to the hotel room to drop our stuff off. We left it all in the car until the air conditioning had come back on then. We did not want to deal with the awful air inside of the hotel. We hung out by the pool. Of course we were complaining about the hotel the entire time. We wanted nothing but a nice vacation and the lack of air conditioning was surely going to ruin it all. We wished they would take better care of their HVAC system being in a southern location. This is especially true when your guests depend on it. After we had gotten back from the pool, we noticed that the air conditioning had kicked back on. It was going to be an alright vacation after all.


Everyone looks uncomfortable

I got hired for a brand new job position this week. In order to complete the training process, I had to spend all day on Saturday watching training clips. I wasn’t very excited about missing an entire day at the beach, although, on the bright side, the new job was going to pay a ton of money. I had to be at the downtown office no later than eight o’clock in the morning. When I woke up, it was still freezing outside, and the sun still hadn’t risen. I arrived a few mins early and was greeted by several other new co-workers who had been hired on the same day. The indoor air temperature was very cold, and I thought it would get warmer as being the day went on. But since the temperature inside stayed cold, I was happy that I had worn a light coat that morning. As we sat at work watching videos, the cold air blew directly on me. I was seated right underneath the A/C vent, and it was getting pretty chilly. I couldn’t believe I’d thought of going to the beach today. There were no windows in the training room, so we couldn’t even tell if the sun was shining. When lunch finally rolled around, my fingers were almost purple from the cold air. I knew that I wasn’t the only employee feeling discomfort. I looked around and saw that many other people looked uncomfortable as well. I didn’t want to be the person who complained about the A/C, so I sat in the room and said nothing. I was happy when we finally were able to take a break for lunch. I walked outside, and started to feel comfort from the warmth of the sun’s rays.

air conditioning tune-up 

The air conditioner quit completely

It feels like I have rather poor luck when it comes to timing and finances. My brother thinks that I am cursed, because one time whenever we were little kids, we egged a w lady’s house who may or might not have been a witch. My dad thinks that I simply inherited his bad luck, even though I am pretty sure that it can be not a genetic trait which can be passed down. Either way, the reality stands: my luck stinks. The thing I did get lucky with is that I married a relatively lucky woman, although I guess you could say that it may have been unlucky for her to marry this unlucky guy. Either way, our HVAC system in our house was the latest proof of my profoundly bad fortune. I had just installed an alternative climate control system with the assistance of my neighbor, Dr. Harris. He is a superb guy, so when he offered an HVAC system which has been technically second hand, but almost new, I just took his word at face value. He told me that the heating and cooling system came out of his brother’s house; plus, it was considerably cheaper than a new HVAC system. The timing seemed suspiciously good since our air conditioner at home had just quit, and our heater has been gradually dying throughout the last few years. Those factors led me to contact the doctor’s brother regarding the climate control system. Once put in, it only lasted one week prior to the whole HVAC system crashing. The doctor and his brother have been unavailable for over a month now…

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The overall air quality

A morning without my cup of coffee would be the start of a very bad day. Most people enjoy a dash of caffeine to get their day rolling, but for me, it can be a situation of life and death. Every day, I enter into my car, turn on some soothing music, crack the windows down, and head my way over to the coffee shop. The baristas there always have my favorite drink ready for me when I arrive.  If I’m not in a rush, I love to just spend time and sip my drink right there. They usually play superb classical music, and I think it a super relaxing place to be before going to work. Their HVAC system is superb, too. I have pondered it at length, and I am not certain as to how the climate control works. At my house, I am too familiar with the whole heating and cooling layout functions. I have had to fix it a few times myself when the air conditioner has gone down. I try to do things myself regularly, so I have a decent amount of DIY HVAC experience under the belt. What I don’t get precisely is how the cafe’s HVAC system gets flawless results without any ducts or vents visible. Perhaps it’s some kind of black coffee HVAC magic? Who knows? It hasn’t bugged me enough to inquire, but I can’t help but think about this mystery from time to time.

indoor air quality 

Emergency heating repair

Every year, when the first fall colors arrive, I always decide to make sure my home is prepared for the onslaught of winter. I live where the winters are brutal with severely cold temperatures and large amounts of snow. It’s routine for schools and roads to close due to bad weather. I’ve learned that having the proper tools really helps fight elements. I have a snowblower, many types of snow shovels, and bags of rock salt inside double-car garage. I keep an ice scraper, snowbrush and emergency roadside kit in my trunk.  My wife keeps a well-stocked pantry with many canned and packaged foods, bottles of water and all necessary toiletries. Last October, I spent time really going over my house, both inside and out, checking for any potential energy waste. The better the house is sealed, the less we have to spend on our energy bills. During the long months of winter, monthly heating bills tend to run on the high side, so checking for leaks is key. Over the span of years, I’ve replaced numerous windows, re-caulked them, added more durable and efficient weather stripping, and increased the R-value of the insulation. One crucial step that should always be done is to have the furnace professionally serviced by a licensed HVAC contractor. The HVAC contractor thoroughly cleans and vacuums out the inner workings of the heating unit, removing any buildup of debris like cobwebs, dust, pollen, or bacteria. He oils the moving parts, replaces damaged ones and makes sure the unit is operating safely.  This year, I bought an HVAC maintenance plan which includes priority scheduling, two service call-outs every year and around the clock catastrophe repair with no overtime charges.

emergency HVAC repair 

Central heating units and how they work

It’s nearing the final days of April and the weather is still so changeable. Luckily, we’ve enjoyed a few days of delightful sunshine and blue skies but it seems winter has returned and we’re experiencing clouds, rain and cold wind once again.  In just one single day, the outside temperature can vary between forty and even seventy degrees. I am so impatient to be able to throw the windows open and let in some refreshing breezes. The house has been basically shuttered up since last October, with the furnace operating regularly. The same dry, dusty air has been trapped in the house, making its nasty rounds. Despite frequent washings, vacuuming and deep cleanings, the household air seems oppressive and smelly. In the region where I make my home, temperate weather is always short lived, so we rarely utilize a central cooling system. Our unstable spring weather has made controlling the indoor temperature a true challenge. I am constantly turning the furnace off and on, which I’m sure isn’t how it should be operated.  I leave the heating system off overnight but in the morning, I’m absolutely freezing, so I crank up the heater again and run it for a few hours. Usually, by mid-afternoon, the day can warm up so much,  I no longer need the furnace, so I shut it down and the cycle starts all over; off then on, off then on. I can’t even imagine how much this fluctuating seasonal operation of the furnace is going to cost me on my energy expenses. Plus, I have no doubt this sporadic approach to temperature control is causing excessive wear to the heating components. My furnace hasn’t been professionally serviced since October of last year. I’m just waiting on a peaceful interval of predictable weather so I can contact my neighborhood HVAC contractor and get the whole heating system cleaned and looked after.


How did it get so uncomfortable in here

My son-in-law is awesome! He is just perfect for our daughter. He is a hard worker and can fix everything. They live in a great place but it needs a little bit of work and it seems that they are always spending more money on home repairs. In fact, the other day, he called my husband over and help with some electrical issues. It seems that the thermostat works sometimes and not others. He thought it  probably was not hooked up right and wanted to guarantee it was safe. They both looked at that for awhile and decided that it might be worn out. I was an older programmable one from the hardware store  that  had been in use for years. Unable to get it to work they decided to buy a new one. My husband went to the HVAC dealer down the street, instead of the hardware store. He wanted to see the selection of  Smart thermostats they had in stock. We had recently put them in at here at home and they worked great.. He returned with the new one and installed it. When my son-in-law downloaded the app he couldn’t get it to work. They both tried with no success and before they were ready to unhook it and return it, my daughter walked in and noticed that they had never turned the thing on. Sometimes, it can be as uncomplicated as flipping a switch and sometimes you need to replace things. That’s just precisely how life goes. They are very happy while using new Smart Thermostat just the same.

smart thermostat