Keeping the climate in mind

Years ago while making my way through the US, I stayed in several hotels every night. Back then, it was easy enough to just book with the same chain, and let him or her do the math on circumstances. I went not only by way of different time zones, but also different types of weather. From dry to damp and from cold to extremely hot. I noticed a similar pattern, that the hotter the weather conditions, the cooler the rooms have become. However, there were a few instances where the climate of the room was in stark contrast to comfort. Within a location, the temperature was inside the low 40’s and so was the room. I immediately of course, powered down the air conditioner and changed the application to heating and was grateful for the smallness of the room so it didn’t take long to warm up. Of course, I realized that the temperature within the room most likely had much to do with the comfort of the previous person there and the weather at that time. Two weeks ago I bet the temperature was different. HVAC is designed for the comfort for the moment, especially in hotel rooms where they must cater to several guests year round. Some guests would be cold at 60 degrees for example and need the heater, others would be warm at that same temperature and need the air conditioner. Anyone can only imagine the chaos if each room wasn’t well suited with it’s own HVAC unit along with the management had to make everyone pleased with one single HVAC unit for all guests. It would be not possible to please everyone.central air

The importance of HVAC equipment

I had a huge oil burning furnace in my childhood home that I remembered. Every few weeks or so, a truck came by to pump fuel into the furnace so that our house stayed warm all winter time. My grandparents had a wood-burning furnace on their basement. Helping throw wood into the fire was even more interesting to me as a kid but also far more dangerous without adult supervision. In the summer months, our home cooling needs were handled by a large air conditioning unit in the window in our downstairs dining room. Although box fans scattered strategically at home were meant to supplement that solitary window air conditioner, we typically managed to find excuses to stay in or around the dining room space. Later, my parents retired our oil-burning furnace and had a new gas furnace installed by a HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) technical assistant. Instead of weekly oil refueling, we generally saw our HVAC service technician a few times a year to maintain the furnace or perform minor central heater repairs. Over the years, that window air conditioner was replaced many times with a new air conditioner just before our entire furnace and air conditioning was overhauled with a detailed HVAC system providing heat and additionally central air. At that point, unless dinner was being served, we didn’t have to congregate around the dining room for summer heat relief. Every room in the home stayed comfortably cool in our summer and warm in winter. Now, my family enjoys the comforts of a modern HVAC system.

HVAC system 

Cleaning air ducts is easy

You need to give some thought to your duct system. Your duct system is most likely hidden in the walls and ceilings of your home, so that you don’t even need to look at it. When your home is  warm and cozy in winter, you never offer the duct system any credit. When your home is outstandingly cool in the summer, you are only thinking about  your air conditioner. You completely ignore the duct system, even though it’s the most important system in your residence. Your ductwork affects the comfort, safety, budget, and air quality of your house, every single day. It should warrant at least as much attention and consideration as your furnace and air conditioner. If you completely overlook it, you will eventually pay a hefty price. Ductwork will slowly become clogged with contaminants and corroded because of moisture. Cracks and leaks in air ducts causes rooms to often become overheated in the summer and too cold in winter, no matter how you adjust the thermostat. If there’s substantial leaks in the duct system, dust and allergens could be drawn in, introduced into the home, and aggravate problems with allergies  and asthma. Having ducts effectively sealed improves the air quality throughout your home. It also prevents conditioned air from escaping, and decreasing HVAC efficiency. Your furnace and air conditioner won’t need to run constantly or struggle so hard to maintain comfortable temperatures, which trims down those utility bills. There’s also safety hazards to think about. Combustion gases from furnaces, water heaters, and clothes dryers can drawn back into your home, threatening your health and safety. It only is wise to have your important duct system regularly inspected by way of specialized HVAC professional.

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A new thermostat would be great

I have heard about these devices, called smart thermostats, that enable control over your HVAC system from your mobile phone.  Apparently, it doesn’t matter whether I’m at home, at work, or on vacation, I could make adjustments as long as I am connected to WIFI. Doesn’t it sound really convenient? I  would like to be able to turn up or down the temperature in my house, even when I am away. For instance, if my family leaves for vacation, but I’m not sure if I remembered to adjust the thermostat to cut energy costs, I could just check the settings from my  smartphone. Or if I’m away at work, and get to come home early, I could make sure that a perfectly comfortable house is waiting for me.  I could adjust the thermostat prior to heading home for the day. Turning up the air conditioner or furnace from anywhere I happen to be at the time is a pretty amazing concept. I would want a smart thermostat to make my life easier. Most of them are programmable, and some will even learn habits and adapt operation accordingly. If I want to cut the cost of heating and cooling my house, a smart thermostat is the easiest way to do it.  It would make it much simpler to conserve energy when my family is out of the house.  Just be sure that I get everything set up properly, I plan to hire an HVAC technician to handle the installation.  I’ll let him sink the phone with the HVAC system, and make sure there aren’t  any problems with operation of my air conditioner and furnace.  I  don’t want to have any issues, or have it not get the job done when I need my HVAC system the most.

programmable thermostat 

My apartment is so small

I am incredibly determined to save up enough money to purchase my own house. For the previous couple of years, I have been renting a really tiny apartment, as the rent is cheap. My apartment is on the sixth floor, which requires me to drag my groceries up steep flights of stairs. None of the windows open, which means the oxygen quality in the place is actually pretty horrible. All of my appliances are even older than me, rarely work properly, and are probably unsafe to function. I try never to use a oven, and anything I place inside the freezer goes bad in just two days. The HVAC systems is generally outdated, ineffective, and costs a king’s ransom to operate. In an effort to cut costs, I nearly freeze to death inside the winter and am constantly sweaty in the summer. The air conditioner screeches like a scared cat, smells like outdated socks, and constantly drips water. The furnace growls like an angry dog, blows dust in many different places, and can’t handle super cold temperatures. I scheduled service with a great HVAC technician, hoping he could help generate efficiency and performance of the heating and cooling unit. He recommended instead that I remove it and buy something newer. Since that isn’t a viable solution for me, I have invested in a new smart thermostat. At the very least, I can manipulate the HVAC system to only run while I am in the apartment. I don’t trust that it won’t flood or burn down the apartment when I’m gone. I am hoping the equipment will eventually quit and force my landlord to change it with a newer, much more energy conscious model.

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Our heated floors are the best

During the winter, my house is usually too cold. I wear wool socks, heavy slippers, and continually find myself fiddling with the thermostat. It doesn’t seem to make any noticeable difference. I can still feel the cold floors beneath my feet. My goal is to install a boiler and create radiant flooring inside my kitchen and bathrooms. I could put aside my slippers, turn down the thermostat, and feel perfectly warm and cozy in my house. A boiler system is often called a hydronic system, because water is used for heating. This heating system is known to be very energy efficient, clean, and safe. Water is heated by the boiler, and then pushed through tubes hidden inside baseboard heaters or beneath the floor. Instead of blowing quick bursts of heat into the room, heat gently and slowly permeates through the air. This eliminates uncomfortable temperature fluctuations, and keeps the heat closer to the floor. With a hydronic system, it is rather easy to set up different zones in your home. Each zone has its very own thermostat, and therefore can be set at its own temperature. Empty rooms don’t need to be heated, and each family member can make adjustments to accommodate their personal preferences. Modern boilers have become compact, and radiant flooring is easily concealed beneath the floor. There’s no requirement for a whole ductwork system. Maintenance is minimal, and boilers are typically very durable. If properly serviced, a boiler can easily last thirty years. The greatest benefit could be warm floors on a chilled winter night. I would absolutely love to be able to walk barefoot in my house without freezing to my core.

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I’m learning a lot!

I am part of an organization that produces content for heating and cooling web-sites. I have read a lot of employees work on the subject of heating and cooling that is then uploaded to the site. You would think this requires a staff of qualified writers. Quite the opposite, they are a bunch of college dropouts who don’t seem to know what a furnace is. I have to proofread some of the content before it goes onto the sites. It is amazing the kinds of heating and cooling writing I have seen out there. Many people, I have decided, possess little knowledge of the difference between HVAC and AC. Have any of these college drop outs ever googled either of the acronyms before? HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Many men and women write about their air conditioner as though it were an HVAC system. That is incorrect, as your air conditioner is just that, an air conditioner. If you have a forced air unit in your home which has both heating and cooling, then that is an HVAC unit. I have also discovered that many people don’t understand radiant flooring is used for warming floors. The floors are not heated by a furnace. If you own radiant flooring, there is not an additional need for a furnace. I read content written by uninformed people telling customers they must have both. You need one or other. Hydronic radiant flooring needs a boiler system and perhaps that is where the confusion is. Also, ductwork is not necessary for every type of HVAC system. There are ductless cooling choices, for example, heat pump systems. It would great if some people would do a little research before writing incorrect material.

The central air is so loud

I can’t help but get really scared when I am home alone for long periods. My whole life I have lived with other individual, so sleeping alone is not an option. I lived with my parents all the way until I graduated college. I then moved in with two girls from college and we got a small house together. My two roommates had to leave recently for the weekend to attend a wedding. I knew I would be  staying alone in the house for two nights and this alone was very disturbing and frightening. I am not the handy one nor tough one in the house, though I can do a few other things. I can cook a very tasty pot roast and I have learned to properly wash the windows. Knowing I would be all along, I started worrying about things wearing out in our home and knew I would not have any idea how to fix them. I then started worrying about an intruder. They could steal everything in sight because I would be less than useless at stopping them.. Once the sun set is when I started getting really freaked out. Then, at around three in the morning,  I heard a loud whimpering noise. Was it a robbery? Was someone inside my house who was terrible in sneaking into homes? I had to find out what was going on and after going outside my room, I realized the noise came from my basement. This not only made it a great deal worse, but I had to go investigate the dark basement. I then realized the noise was coming from the boiler system. A boiler is a heating system that can live forever, but not in this case. This one was not going to make it. It was beginning a slow whining death in the dark and had almost scared me to death in the process.

HVAC company 

This home comfort system is great

I do a great deal of proofreading at work and also in my house as an editor. I prefer to take my work home with me. Who wouldn’t prefer their home over your work building, though? My desk at this workplace is very small and may possibly have the worst desk chair ever. One of the legs is shorter in comparison to the other three so I am constantly tilted to the side. The desk also has drawers that stick and you I have to try to pull them out and about. My workplace also apparently only uses their heating system. I literally sweat to death every single day at this workplace. I keep a small fan plugged in and it’s always blowing air on my back. The heating system is so intense that I must bring my own form of cooling. I prefer to do all the money making online and sometimes my boss allows me to do this. I am faster at working plus I am more productive. Rather than worrying about the temperature, I get right to work. I have a HVAC unit in my beautiful office at home. The unit controls the temperature and humidity degrees of the small space. Additionally this office has a smart thermostat. I can control everything on my HVAC product from my phone. It is extremely nice not having to get up and about to fix the thermostat. I additionally own a really comfy desk chair together with a large desk. I don’t need fans or have annoying people sitting near me. I really enjoy it when I can take my work home with me. It makes for a more enjoyable day.heating and cooling

Working on my cooling unit

There are many pretty impressive partnerships out there on the earth. In the case of fighting crime, Batman and Robin are a solid duo. Sure, Batman is normally much cooler and stronger. Robin the boy wonder does however offer solid support. There is an occasional time where Batman will be in trouble and the boy wonder will save the day. There is also the partnership between Aladdin and the Genie. Again the Genie definitely is the superior partner and has way more power. Without Aladdin though, the Genie may have no purpose. Both sets need the other so that they can accomplish their goal. I see cooling and heating like lovers. They do not work next to each other like Batman and Robin, nonetheless they are a team. With each changing season you should have one or the other. In fall and winter it happens to be time for the heater to reach its work. You demand heat and yes it lasts a really long moment. After working its butt of for just two solid seasons then you call for HVAC maintenance. The HVAC technician puts away your furnace, combi boiler or radiant flooring. Then the air conditioner is turned on. The cooling system gets tagged inside start working. The cooling machine works all spring and the summer months long. At the end of its shift after that it gets the HVAC technician help. It gets cleaned, inspected together and repaired. It is like a sporting event. One player gets into while the other sits in the bench. Once they are relaxed, they tag back into the game. It is quite a stabilized environment with heating and cooling in the house.

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