My last vacation was great

Last summer we had the opportunity to take the whole family on a cruise. It was the first time that we had all taken a trip together in many years. I believe the last time we did, was when the kids were little and we went to Disneyworld. They are all at this point adults, married with children of their own so there were twelve of us going on the cruise. We were all excited but the grandkids were over the moon with anticipation. The cruise started off beautifully. The weather was perfect. The seas were calm and we were enjoying the many amenities on the ship. The grandkids were happy just swimming in the pools. They also enjoyed having ice cream and pizza any time they wanted. It was vacation, so we were all taking advantage of the down time. On the third day, we disembarked to go on a tour of a coffee plantation on one of several islands. I thought it would be a fun learning experience for everyone. It turned out to be a huge mistake, because it was so hot and they had no air conditioned buildings or any way to get out of the sweltering heat. My children, grandkids, and even I actually, got crabby because we ended up all so uncomfortable. All we could think about was getting back to the ship, where there was air conditioning, delectable foods and relaxing swimming pools. We did not take any more off ship excursions that trip. And also learned an important lesson that day. Next vacations will be at an island resort with pools and watersports. That make everyone happy.

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My air conditioner is having all kinds of issues

It is the 4th of July weekend and I was so excited to get out of work and be with friends. My plan was to leave work at one on Friday and subsequently head up north to my friend’s cottage near  the lake. It was about a 7 hour drive but I could stay there until mid-day Monday so it becomes worth it. At 12: 55 I sprinted out of work and hopped into my auto. It was stifling in there but I hadn’t parked in the shade so that was to become expected. When I turned the vehicle on, I immediately put the air conditioning on full-blast. I was in my work clothes and intensely hot and it needed to be at least 90 degrees within the car. I texted a number of my friends that I was  on my way and waited for my air conditioning to begin working. After about 5 minutes, I actually realized it wasn’t getting any cooler. I checked all the knobs to guarantee they were at the correct settings, and they were. I called my dad and he told me that it looked like my air conditioning wasn’t working and perhaps I was low on coolant. It was not what I needed now! He told me that unless I wanted to drive seven hours without any air conditioning in my car, then I should go bring my car to the shop. I ended up waiting 2 hours for the serviceman to tune-up my car and put more coolant in there so my air conditioning would work correctly. With much aggravation and $100 less in my pocket, I ventured up north for a nice holiday weekend.

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Some tips for your home comfort

Nowadays, I have had a very difficult time making my home comfortable in the manner in which I need. A few years ago I actually graduated from college and got my first job at an accounting firm downtown. I am lucky to have gotten this job. It has amazing health benefits, which i really need at this moment. I was diagnosed with cancer recently. So, it is very crucial to me that my home makes me as comfortable as is feasible. When I bought my home some time ago, I knew that I was going to need to have a new heating and cooling system installed. Thankfully, my parents were able to refer me to a terrific heating and cooling company with my area. That business sent an HVAC team up to my new home, to install the heating and cooling system i had selected. My new heating and cooling system was well suited with a remote control system which is activated through wifi, and an app on my mobile phone, from any room within my own new house. That remote control feature from my new heating and cooling system truly has been making such a difference from the day that it was installed. Now, I can control every room’s temperature, from anywhere, even if I am on the run at work or on this weekends. It’s been an wonderful feature. I am so glad I splurged and paid slightly extra for it. I hope that it continues to do so as long as my cancer remains.

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Making sure my HVAC system works right

I will always be very conscientious about scheduling process maintenance for my vehicle. Prior to when winter comes, I make sure to take off my summer tires and put my winter tires on. The heavier tread really helps with the layers of snow and additionally ice, and helps preserve the actual life of both tire sets. Every few months, I also have my auto mechanic rotate the tires, so that they can’t get worn down prematurely. Before I go on long trips, I check the many fluids and verify that all my lights work properly. It can be sort of a pain to schedule a lube change every 3000 miles, but routine maintenance is the best way to prevent problems. With proper maintenance, my car has lasted over ten years with no major issues. I keep this same mindset when it comes to my heating and cooling system. Like the fluids in my car, I regularly check the coolant in my air conditioner, making sure that it is adequately filled. Like changing my tires, I always change the air filters inside my home as each season changes to the next. I schedule regular service by way of my HVAC provider to tune up my furnace, and to make sure that everything is working properly before the winter months. With this preventative maintenance, my furnace and my air conditioner have lasted fifteen years with no major issues. The regular service life for these HVAC units range from fifteen to twenty years, but I am confident that I can get even more use out of them.

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Running the A/C at full capacity

Right after only three short months we are having to break our rental. It’s a shame because this apartment is perfectly fitted to our needs. There are several bedrooms and then a patio that overlooks the lake. I often sit out there admiring the variation in the birds. We had chosen to move into this place with another couple in hopes that each couple might save funds. In addition we did not have a spiritual focus that we hoped would become the means of making a living. Unfortunately, the other couple was much younger than we are. That caused some differences in way of lifestyle. As we had all decided by a certain set of rules, these rules became too much for them to bear. But what finally ended the friendship as per them was the high utility bill. My wife and I work from home and prefer to keep the temperature near 70 degrees. They however preferred to keep the AC set closer to 80 degrees, but of course the pair were never there. While I have been paying bills for over two decades, they automatically assumed our AC usage was really the only reason for such an excessive bill. I suggested that the roomie call the utility company since the account was in her name. I hoped we could get someone to see if the AC was pulling extra power. She refused and decided she would rather hold us accountable. Then they decided they wanted us to be charged even more in rent. We quickly decided this was not acceptable. I guess we will never know if there was a hole within the ductwork or an unusually high draw of power in the AC system.

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Big air conditioners

January first, I began working out 6 days a week at the gym near my school. I began during the winter season session so there were never a lot of people residing, and thus attending a fitness center. The gym is huge, and was only created around three years ago. There are equipments for everything, which over the past few  months I’ve learned precisely what muscles they work, and different workouts I can accomplish on those specific machines. I’ve never been more satisfied with myself, as I feel the changes of my own body. What helps the most is the new  air conditioning that fills a fitness center with appropriately cooled air. The air conditioning is assisted by about four fans that radiate over everything. I’ve stayed in there for about two hours at one time, and I usually sweat a good amount, but I couldn’t imagine how much worse it would be if we had nothing to cool us down. The air cooling system works great most of the time. However, sometimes the gym will fill up quickly. With all the public doing workouts usually before their evening meal, the temperature control goes crazy, and there isn’t enough cool air to get around. I went to my gym around my house once summer started, and the air conditioning just wasn’t comparable. It’s a lot smaller, as well as the floor almost absorbs the cool air and the low ceiling traps all the heat. It’s nothing like my gym on campus. It makes me feel as if I work much harder since I sweat extreme amounts, but I need air conditioning while I am working out.HVAC technology

Home comfort

Everyone should simply sit outside and just enjoy the night. We live in a very breathtaking place today. The nighttime is when we get the chance to relax from our day. I enjoy this when it is warm during the summer out on my patio. It is important to connect with nature every so often and enjoy the small things. I love to enjoy how warm it is in the open air. When I go back in though, I expect it to be a comfortable temperature. I expect that my house will cool my body to the warmth I have felt when I was outside sitting on the patio. I want to be comfortable when I go up to bed. I want to be able to sleep peacefully  in comfort. There is no way I would be able to sleep in hot weather or feel discomfort. This is why I stay up-to-date with my HVAC equipment. I do not want to go without it. I truly still find it worth the money to update an HVAC system. It will keep your house as comfortable as you want it to be. It will always be reliable if you are able to keep up with yearly maintenance. If you need help, call the area HVAC business. They can even provide a maintenance plan where you will not ever have to call to make a meeting again. All of the appointments will already be set up for you and they will come to service your HVAC system. Do not worry about keeping your home updated. It is so easy nowadays. You barely have to put in any effort! Do not be lazy with irresponsible decisions and maintain your HVAC system.cooling equipment

A/C equipment

Being a child, I only chose to attend  summertime camp once. I remember I did not have a thrilling time while I was out at camp. I was a shy little one and I didn’t like a great deal of loud noise to be around me. Looking back now for an adult, I’m not sure how kids can love going to summer camp that much. Time spent outdoors is a big plus. Doing activities with friends such as playing sports, is excellent. What is not great, still, is the lack of working a / c at summer camp. Sleeping in bunk houses at that place without working air conditioning is probably the worst. They have hard mattresses that are enveloped in hot plastic that sticks for your skin. The temperatures outside at that place usually are so miserably hot, even during the night, that I am amazed any kid can possibly go to sleep. Sweating while sleeping is not my perception of good fun. The bathhouses always feel like saunas thanks to a lot of people taking showers at pretty much all hours of the night.  Going to the bathroom necessitates walking in all of my sweaty clothes which were sticking to me from the hot plastic beds and going into that terribly hot environment. The bathhouses should preferably have some type of climate control system installed. In the day, there are not a lot of number of activities to do in your shade. Eating in a mess hall without a decent and working heating and cooling system means eating in stifling heat and seeking to hurry to be outside within the hopes of feeling a slight breeze on you within the hot air. The best part about summer camp is a pool or creek t play at and to swim in. The water can be so nice and cold that it forces you to temporarily forget that you’re spending a total week without good AC.

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My new thermostat

Last weekend I continued a bike ride with my best friend from school. We started early in the morning before we had to start our day’s and there was a nice cool breeze. I was keeping pace with my pal easily, and we were both having a great time. After an hour or even longer perhaps, the weather took a sudden turn. It went from being cool and windy and slightly overcast to clear and unseasonably hot. My pal and I were struggling up a hill whenever we stopped to rest for a minute and I realized my water bottle must’ve fallen out of its holder. I was so hot and parched that I could suddenly feel myself weakening fast. My friend thankfully still had her h2o bottle, but it wasn’t enough to last both her and I the rest of our ride. She convinced me to bike just a bit further, where there was a little cafe. I struggled and sweated through the additional quarter mile or so uphill, until we got to the restaurant. When we got there I nearly fell off my bike. As soon once we opened the door to the cafe a huge gust of cool air hit my face and I thought I’d cry with joy. I’ve never been so thankful for air conditioning  than I was in that single moment! Funnily enough, a few minutes after our arrival at that place an HVAC technician walked inside the dining room and I heard him talking with the head server. Apparently that morning the restaurant’s air conditioning had gone out and he had only just finished up a repair on the AC unit. I couldn’t believe the luck we were having. I praised the HVAC business who had sent the HVAC specialist for his prompt and experienced service. I think he might have saved our lives from the heat! Nowadays people really take air conditioning for granted. I never will do so ever again after that day!

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My HVAC equipment

I recently had a really strange situation with my HVAC technician. I had to call him because my air conditioner was not kicking on at all. I waited about two days and I tried between those two days to turn on my air conditioning system. After that, there was clearly still nothing that was working on my equipment. So I figured that I ought to just call a licensed HVAC professional and have him come out and do an estimate. I wanted an estimate to see how much it would cost for my air conditioner system to be repaired. I never repair my air conditioning system because I have no knowledge on the HVAC industry at all. I had him come out and he did an estimate for me. I made sure to have him write the estimate on paper because the last time I had an HVAC technician from another HVAC provider stop by, I did not have my estimate written. The HVAC technician told me one thing verbally and then later, he came and told me a greater price for it to be fixed. I had no way of proving to him that the reduced price that he told me initially was actually true. Therefore I had to cancel that service immediately because I felt like he was getting more money out of me. That is why I tell my friends to make sure that they get their estimates written down. From that day on, I always have HVAC technicians write their estimates for me in writing so I can always grab the price that was offered to me the first time.

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