Love working in HVAC

I love my job as a Heating and A/C worker mostly. Some people may find it to be an unfulfilling task, despite the fact that I have been more than happy with it! Growing up, I always loved machines. I would take apart everything I could even simply find around the loft including remotes, computers, and even cars! My parents wanted me to get into what they would consider a “better” profession such as auto design or even computer science, but it just was not for me I had thought. I love to help people when they are in need and that is exactly what my new job entails. In the heat of the summertime, it is very essential to have a good functioning air conditioning component to avoid the heat stroke. In the Wintertime, it can get quite chilly and even snow at night time I think. This calls for a very good heating system. Without these Heating and A/C systems a lot of damage can be caused as well. When I show up to simply repair the units, people are either entirely very grateful or quite angry. Most of the time, those that are angry are really at fault for their component not functioning well. If they had  replaced the filters or had the component taken care of accordingly, there would not have been a problem at all. But I am there to not only repair the unit, but to teach them this to avoid future problems as well. They are almost always grateful by the time I finish the task too. Although air conditioning and heating systems may not seem like the most interesting topics at all, I find my work to be entirely very satisfying. I am proud to be a Heating and A/C plan worker for sure!


I love my job as a HVAC technician

I love my job as a HVAC technician. Some people may find it to be an unfulfilling job, but I have been more than satisfied with it. Growing up, I always loved machines. I would take apart everything I could find around the house including remotes, computers, and even cars! My parents wanted me to get into what they would consider a “better” profession such as auto design or computer science, but it just was not for me. I like to help people when they are in need and that is exactly what my current job entails. In the heat of the summer, it is essential to have a functioning air conditioning unit to avoid heat stroke. In the winter, it can get quite cold and even snow at night time. This calls for an effective furnace. Without these HVAC systems a lot of damage can be caused. When I show up to repair the units, people are either very grateful or angry. Most of the time, those that are angry are actually at fault for their unit not functioning properly. If they had correctly replace the filters or had the unit serviced accordingly, there would not have been a problem. But I am there to not only fix the unit, but to teach them this to avoid future problems. They are almost always grateful by the time I finish the job. Although air conditioning and furnaces may not seem like the most interesting topics, I find my job to be very satisfying. I am proud to be a HVAC system technician!

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Looking into the advantages of hybrid heating

For the past few years, I’ve been keeping a close watch on the developments in the HVAC industry.  I know that my forced air heating system is failing, and I am hoping to find a more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly means of controlling indoor temperature.  The duct system installed in the house is extremely old and in bad shape.  The insulation in the walls needs to be improved, and I’m planning to tear down walls and ceilings and start from scratch.  After considering several different styles of HVAC systems, I’ve decided on a hybrid heating system.  A hybrid heating system provides both cooling and heating capacity, and makes use of two separate methods of heating.  The system combines an electric heat pump with a traditional gas furnace, and can switch between the two heating options to optimize efficiency and cost savings.  Even when the weather turns colder, there’s always heat in the air, and the heat pump draws from this ambient heat to supply warmth to the home.  The process is much more energy efficient than the operation of the gas furnace.   The hybrid system automatically switches to using the gas furnace when the outside temperature drops to the point where this is the most economical choice.  Because I live in an area with very long, cold winters, the hybrid heating method significantly reduced my monthly utility costs.  Plus, I enjoy year-round comfort and cost savings, since the heat pump is also an effective air conditioner.  It is especially helpful that the hybrid system handles excess humidity and offers advanced air filtration.  


Tearing out outdated and corroded furnace and ductwork and updating to a hydronic heating system

When I first bought my home, it was an absolute mess.  The previous owners had not bothered with upkeep or renovations, and actually caused quite a bit of damage.  There were holes in the walls and ceilings, stained carpeting, and broken windows.  When I first began working on the house, I couldn’t even live in it because the electrical wiring was unsafe and the plumbing was a disaster.  I figured the best way to attack the many problems was to completely gut the house.  I tore down the walls and ceilings to the bare studs, and exposed the wiring, pipes, and ductwork.  I quickly realized that the furnace and duct system were not salvageable.  Everything was horribly corroded, dirty, and outdated.  I hired a local HVAC technician to evaluate the HVAC system, and he found cracks in the heat exchanger.  Since the heat exchanger is necessary to prevent combustion byproducts, such as carbon monoxide, from entering breathing air, it’s a vital piece of equipment.  Replacing a heat exchanger costs about the same as purchasing a whole new heating unit.  After consulting with the HVAC professional, I decided to entirely tear out the duct system and furnace, and start over.  I really didn’t want to invest in another forced air furnace since this style of HVAC system tends to introduce indoor contaminants, and I suffer from severe allergy symptoms.  I did quite a bit of research, and ended up investing in a boiler system with baseboard heaters and radiant flooring.  A hydronic heating system is wonderfully clean, entirely silent, and exceptionally energy efficient.    


Moving to the north

I have never lived in a northern climate that experiences cold winters. I grew up in a small southern town and stayed there until this past year. I have a long distance boyfriend and he lives up north. We have been dating for about 2 years now and figured it was time for one of us to move closer to the other. It was hard to decide which one of us was going to make the big move at first, but several months ago my boyfriend go a huge promotion at work and had would definitely have to stay in the area for at least another year. I was tired of being long distance, so I made the decision to pack up my car and move up north. He told me to make sure I packed all of the warm clothing I owned because the winters up there were no joke. Being a southern girl, I really didn’t own anything that would keep me to warm, but I packed what I had. I share an apartment with one of my friends and we keep the A/C running year round, I really had no idea what I was in for. My first night there the temperature dropped to around 40 degrees and I was freezing, my boyfriend told me that this was nothing and that sometimes the temperatures dropped below zero. That is when I started doing some investigation. I called an HVAC technician to come look at my boyfriend’s heater and thermostat just to make sure they didn’t require and routine maintenance. Fortunately the HVAC technician told me the heater and thermostat were the best money could buy. He didn’t say the heater needed any maintenance which was a shock!

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Working at the HVAC company

Growing up my best friend’s parents owned an HVAC company. They seemed like they made such a great living from this company. They were always going on lavish family vacations overseas and it always seemed like they were planning their next trip around the world. I was able to go on several of these vacations with them while we were growing up. We went on a seven hour flight and they paid for my first class ticket. I always wondered how they were able to afford the vacations they took and how frequent they were. So I got to thinking that it was because they made such great money running the HVAC company. They were the number one HVAC repair company in town and they were a family run business. They made their business work because people in our community trusted the work that they did. They were extremely reliable and they were know to give advice without feeling like you were being gouged for money. I know from first hand experience that the company was reliable because my family uses them for all our HVAC repair needs. One winter our heater stopped working right in the middle of a 10 foot snow storm. We couldn’t leave the house because the roads were blocked with snow. My friend’s parents company had a HVAC technician to our house in about an hour and they got our heater up and running in less than two hours. No wonder they had such a large clientele in our community. I always thought I would one day work for the company, maybe a side job while I was in high school. But now that I think about it I might just open up my own HVAC repair company one day.

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Argument over AC

It is not unusual for my wife and I to get into an argument over the air conditioning unit. I always insist to her that we must maintain the unit in order for it to run effectively and efficiently. She always mentions that I am too worried over the unit and that it does not have to be maintained as often as we get it looked over. I hate arguing with my wife over these concerns because I always have to tell her that it is better for us to pay a little to get the unit looked over and running correctly rather than let it break. We have been maintaining this unit as long as we have been living in the house which happens to be almost fourteen years. After so long and so many lectures about the same topic, you would think that she would let me do this or not put up a fight about our responsibilities. However she still feels that we should not have to maintain this piece of equipment as often as we do. We finally had to come to a compromise to get the unit looked at once a year instead of our usual two. One check for the air conditioning during the warm seasons, and one check for the cold season. Since we only received the one check up this year it was not surprising to me when our technician told us the unit had broken and it were time to replace the unit. We had to live through a few weeks of hell and I guess you could say that with our new unit we are satisfied but we will continue my methods of keeping the unit maintained so that my wife and I can continue to live comfortably.

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Planning vacation and HVAC

Every February my family attempts to plan our traditional vacation to our home country Trinidad and Tobago. This is where much of our family still resides. Trinidad and Tobago is a twin island in the caribbean, it lays on the equator and sometimes reaches extreme temperatures. In order for us to have a perfect adventure we make sure we book a hotel with great ratings. Usually we are exhausted at the end of the day because we have to visit all of the family as well as get some sight seeing in. There are many things to do, such as visiting the beautiful sandy beaches with crystal blue water. There are mountains, forest, and waterfalls. During this specific time of year there is also a big festival that many natives participate called carnival. We enjoy returning to the island once a year to engage in these festivities. But after a long day of adventure we are ready to relax and get some time in to replenish ourselves. By the time we get to the hotel we are ready to take a hot bath and lay on which feels like heaven’s clouds. We max out the thermostat and the room feels amazing. Everyone passes out in the cool temperatures until it is time to rise again in the morning. When we wake up we are happy to still feel the freezing air conditioning working on max capacity. It feels relieving to start the day out being comfortable and ready to plan out the day. Once we leave out for the day all I can think about is the cold air conditioning back at the hotel. It is so refreshing when we are in that burning sun for hours at a time.

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Idol loves HVAC

During the lazy, hazy days of the 1970’s country music was queen. The likes of George Jones, Waylon Jennings, Loretta Lynn, TG Sheppard brought forth the sounds of guitars and twangy voices. Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge was home to many a crooner meeting where lyrics were hashed out and songs were penned on napkins in the course of drunken nights. Many folks think that Tootsie’s is the place to be because of its downtown locale and recognition for spirited fun. In actuality, however, it was the air conditioning that brought in the music legends. Most of the other bars along the main street lacked air conditioning and singing is hard work. Drinking, for those folk, was also serious business and air conditioning was absolutely essential. The humid, wet blanketed evenings demanded the cool blasts of air conditioning from strategically placed air vents and Tootsie’s didn’t disappoint. In the back room, where the pool table reigned over the earth, the air vents were far more plentiful as the players brandished pool cues as a method of recreation and protection when ever necessary. They really needed the air conditioning should the pool table became home for the amorous dealings between a drunk and heated couple. If you ever find yourself wondering how a lot of the establishments that have been around for many years became such a big part of the landscape of towns in this south, you need to look no farther than air conditioning. The places that are successful had air conditioning and the places that closed up lacked air conditioning.


Detectors for older HVAC

I recently noticed that both of my parents were starting to struggle with their health. They had been starting to fall asleep every night on the right on the couch while enjoying their television, now, I guess they are aging, however for something appreciate that to start out of nowhere just seemed honestly weird to me. I kept asking them what changes to their lives had they made plus they were getting honestly frustrated with me. The Summer weather started this week, so they have been actually using their portable electric fans around the cabin plus started up their cooling system cooling system much more frequently. They appreciate the warm weather, however they missed the fireplace as they had one every night during the winter. After going through a list of thoughts from asking her about her regular Heating plus Air Conditioning maintenance servicing routine in order to monitor plus rule out any leaks that could be happening, I was just as confused as before. I thought that all of us needed to get the Heating plus Air Conditioning provider out here to check on the entire cooling system plus thermostat immediately.  I was distraught about them still using the cooling system until all of us could figure out what the concern what was, however they were being actually stubborn in their old age. In the meantime I decided to buy a carbon monoxide detector for something in my gut was telling myself and others to be proactive. Would you guess it turned out to be a leak in the gas fireplace that wasn’t actually turned off for the Wintertime? The Heating plus Air Conditioning provider informed us that my parents were very lucky that they were not injured!

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