Pretty handy in HVAC for a woman

I am single mother of three kids, and I am constantly busy. Between working full time and getting my kids to and from school, my days stay busy from morning to night. My parents and siblings live out of town, so I don’t have any family around to help me out. Needless to say, things can get stressful. When my air conditioner started making loud noises a few weeks ago, I ignored the problem, hoping it would simply subside at some point. Boy was I wrong. About a week after the noise started, my air conditioner started blowing warm air. The air filter was pretty new, so I knew it wasn’t the problem. I tried to adjust the thermostat and checked my air filter before calling the HVAC mechanic. Everything looked clean and fine, but when I turned on the cooling setting, hot air blew through the vents.The opposite happened when I turned on the heater–cool air blew out! I was at a loss. I didn’t want to have to call for an HVAC mechanic because I knew the service fee would be steep, but I couldn’t force my kids to suffer without an air conditioner. When the mechanic finally came, he instantly knew what the problem was. He opened the thermostat to find that the wiring had been crossed. Somehow, the buttons that triggered the cool setting had been mixed with the button that controlled the heat. After only a few minutes, my HVAC unit was back to normal. Because the fix was so easy, the HVAC serviceman only charged me a small fee. I really got lucky this time!

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