Penny pincher-watch your ductwork

I have been called a penny pincher more than once. I’ve been called a lot worse than that, mind you, but penny pincher comes up the most often. People say that like it’s a bad thing, as if throwing money around casually is a better more rewarding way of life. And maybe it is, I really wouldn’t know. My dad raised me to be a spendthrift and that is how I will raise my children one day. I don’t own a car, I ride the bus so I don’t have to pay for insurance or gas. I never go out to eat, and I hardly ever turn on my heater or my air conditioner. My house came with a powerful heating and cooling system, but I maybe use them once or twice a year. And when I do use them, I make sure to follow some strict energy saving tips. For example, the ductwork. You might not think about your air ducts, but they can cost you a lot if not properly maintained. I always make sure to do a thorough ductwork cleaning before using the HVAC. Once the heating (or cooling) is on, I check all the seams to make sure the ductwork sealing is still holding. A lot of valuable air can be lost through cracks in the walls of the heating ducts. I also make sure to calibrate the thermostat with a separate digital thermostat, to confirm the readings are accurate. Climate control is great to have, but saving money on utility bills is a little bit greater.