Car has AC repairs

I travel a good amount for my new job, which means I also use a lot of rental car companies in every city that I go ahead and travel in and out of properly. I don’t usually have too much of a problem. My biggest pet peeve honestly has to be when I clearly ask for a non-smoking vehicle as I have a excruciating asthma issue with regard to cigarette smoke and it is even more clear that either someone violated their rules or they simply and rudely ignored my request. I usually find this out often when it is too late and I have already naturally been on the road for a while and I have no time to turn back in order to make my meeting if I want to be on time. It will happen with a single click of the a/c or heating component in the car and blasting through the vehicle’s air filters is that terrible hint of smoke that just irritates the senses and seeps in my nice and professional contractor clothes. It make myself and others so furious that they cannot at least have the simple courtesy to check the air filters and have their cooling and heating systems respectfully taken care of. After all they are asking so much money of us to rent their cars annually that I feel the very least they could do is schedule a proper Heating and Air Conditioning repair provider to come right in and update the filters on a proper basis for the air filters are where the real complications lie. I suppose I would actually have a lawsuit if I certainly want to do something about it, since it states clearly in my contract that I have a rather serious sort of sensitivity to smoke and advised non-smoking car for my contractor usage.

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