Car A/C problems

I travel a lot for my current work, which means I also use a lot of rental car companies in every single neighborhood that I travel in and out of always. I don’t usually have too much of a serious problem. My largest pet peeve would have to be when I clearly ask for a non-smoking vehicle as it turns out that I have a bad asthma issue with smoke and it is even more clear that either someone violated the rules with regard to this issue or they simply ignored my request. I usually find this out often when it is too late and I have typically already been on the road for a while and I have no time to turn back in order to make my various meetings on time. It will happen with one click of the A/C or heating component in the car and completely blasting through the air filters is that disappointing hint of smoke that just irritates the senses and seeps right into my business clothes. It make me so furious that they cannot at least have the courtesy to go ahead and check the air filters and have their cooling and heating systems officially took care of. After all, it seems as though they are asking so much money of us to rent their cars biweekly, the least they could do for the customers is schedule a regular Heating, Ventilation, and A/C repair provider to come in and substitute out the filters on a regular basis for the air filters are where the real problems are. I think I would definitely have a lawsuit if I actually wanted to go ahead and do something about it, since it states clearly in my contract that I have an asthma symptom to smoke and commanded non-smoking car for my business use throughout the course of my travels.

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