Air quality on the plane trip

I always used to love flying.  I took my first plane trip when I was eighteen and I have been hooked ever since.  I would sit in the air conditioned cabin, and enjoy the way the stewardesses would fuss all over you, offering drinks and food, and occasionally a blanket if it was a little chilly.  I hadn’t flown for about fifteen years because I was busy raising my family. I was shocked when I was able to take a plane trip.  The seats were overcrowded and you barely had room to move.  The air conditioning was a little fan that was in the ceiling that if you turned it on, and someone else didn’t want air, they got it anyway, or you suffered.  They came through the aisles with a cart that hit the aisle seat holder’s elbow, and I felt like mine was broken by the time I got off the plane.  The food was non-existent, unless you aren’t allergic to peanuts.  The worst part was the air in the cabin.  I was in the front of the main cabin, and I had the main blowers coming down on top of me.  I was cold and getting a headache from the air hitting me on top of the head.  I know that it takes a lot to cool off three hundred people, but maybe they need more air vents and less unusable fans.  Considering that I have to pay for my seat and my ticket, it should be a much nicer experience.  The air quality wasn’t the best either.  By the time I got off the plane, I was cold and my allergies were so bad, that my eyes were aching and my headache had become a migraine.

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