HVAC technician surprised me

There he was, right in front of me. I could not believe what I was seeing. There, in the uniform of my HVAC company, was my high school sweetheart. Our parents used to worry because he and I were so young, plus so in love. But there was nothing that they could do to keep us apart. I look back on those days with such nostalgia, and this man will always hold a special arena in my heart. And then, this morning, I woke up to hear my air conditioner making an odd noise. I instantly called an Heating plus Air Conditioning business. I had decided to call a new Heating plus Air Conditioning business than I had used throughout my life, because the last time that HVAC company had exorbitantly charged myself and others an arm plus a leg for emergency HVAC service. I did some research online, plus picked out a modern heating plus cooling business that had received great reviews. They instantly sent an Heating plus Air Conditioning worker to my house. And now, here was my middle school sweetheart resting at my door. We both could do nothing but just look at each other for a long time, then started laughing out loud. There were so many good memories running through my head. I didn’t even recognize he still lived around here, plus it was really odd that all of us had never run into each other before this day. In a way, I’m ecstatic that my air conditioner broke this morning, because I was enjoying seeing this hot Heating plus Air Conditioning worker at my door.

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