The date night AC repair

I ended up landing a good job as a taxi driver and at around the end hours of the night. A lot of the money I had must have been exchanged around the midnight to 3am crowd. I ended up with a large tip One remarkably warm afternoon while waiting in my taxi with the air conditioning blasting. A really drunk looking crew stepped out of the bar and into my cab. They seemed to enjoy the booze and the AC treatment. The whole crew kept messing with my heating and cooling system trying to get more AC. At first I was shocked at how much AC they wanted.All of them wanted the thermostat be lowered a degree or two and as soon as that first blast of air came out. I was confused as to why the AC control settings were so important, then I thought about it. Drinking a lot of booze tends to raise your whole body temperature. The people all in my car were sweaty and hot after drinking. They also looked like they had been dancing the night away. So I allowed them to crank the AC up a lot in my car. I did not realize how air conditioning affecting my tip until the end of the night. The crew stumbled out of my car and gave me almost double what I expected. I know it was due to the air conditioner system running on high while they were in the car. The air conditioner system just made me an extra 30 bucks at that job.

A/C component