Man cave almost done-moving heaters

I am having the very main water supply to our house replaced because it’s not getting enough pressure there. It’s even going to be overpriced to do this for me, but our spouse and I prepared for the costs and saved up the money as best as we could. I also saved up for remodeling part of our basement because I do want to turn it into our personal “man cave”. I plan on having our buddies over to play poker and watch NetFlix some of these days. It’ll be our own space, away from our spouse, and especially from our kids as well. The problem is that the boiler down there and water oil furnace are in the way of everything. I’d genuinely much appreciate to move them both to the back of our basement down there so I can just finish the front part of the basement. So, I asked the guy who is doing the job on our main water supply if he would be able to do that at the same time for me. I suppose moving a furnace and a gas boiler is a lot of labor for one person, but I had no idea that the cost would be so high for it. He quoted myself and others $7100 for moving the furnace and boiler to the back of the basement at that time, on top of the money I am already paying to replace the main water supply that I needed. I guess I am going to have to find one nother way to design our guy cave instead. My spouse will absolutely not be down for a $7100 expense just for that, especially since it’s not really necessary for us to do so. I am going to call a few Heating and A/C companies and repair people in our area to see if maybe I can get a cheaper quote on that, but it’s not looking superb for our modern basement at all.

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