Your climate affects what HVAC you have

There are a lot of options when it comes to what HVAC you need to get. You can choose from a variety of heating and cooling systems. What one is right for you though? There are things to consider when picking out your HVAC technology. You need to think about your home size. You want a HVAC device that is the right size. Too big means it is not efficient and too small of units die quickly. The most important factor to consider is your climate though. If you live in a warm climate you do not need the heating power that colder areas do. Colder climates sometimes do not even need to consider buying a cooling system. So what climate do you have? For cold climates heating is a priority. Consider a boiler or furnace to heat your home. They last the longest and are the most powerful. Heated floors also are typical colder temperature heating systems. You also can combine a gas furnace with a heat pump for a dual fuel system. The gas heater is the heating system and the heat pump is the cooling system. In warmer climates the heating system can be a simple space heater or electric heater. For cooling, warmer climates should consider high velocity AC. This cooling device is powerful and can lower the home’s temperature in minutes. Moderate climates should really think about getting a heat pump system since it uses the outside air temperature to work. A heat pump also happens to be the most energy efficient system on the market. So what are you going to get?

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Do airplanes only have air conditioning?

I recently was on an airplane and that will be the last of my flying for awhile. I hate air travel so much because of the temperature control. I left a warm tropical climate that was around 85 degrees. I boarded the plane and it was so hot. The air conditioner was on but it really did not do anything. The AC hit the hot air that was leaking in the plane. This then created steam in the top of the airplane. It looked kind of scary when boarding the plane. You would walk into a hot box of a plane and see steam all over the ceiling due to the A/C. As we started flying the air conditioning system either became more powerful or the outside air became colder. It changed from not enough cooling to way too much AC. Then I had a layover that lasted four hours. The next plane I was on was in a colder climate. This means the heater should have been on. No, the air conditioner was still going strong. No steam at the ceiling this time, just a lot of shivering people. I had to put on my coat and turn off the air conditioner vent above me. It still did not help and I froze. It had me thinking back to my past flights. Have I ever felt heating on a flight? I do not think that I have. The plane always has those vents that spill out cold air. So does that mean a plane only has air conditioning?

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Pieces overheating

It is finally Friday!  I was so excited for the day because I had been working overtime all week so that I could leave work at lunchtime to start my weekend. My partner and I had just completed a huge project and we just had a few loose ends  to tie up. Unfortunately, I knew that plan was ruined as soon as I opened the office door. I stepped inside and was greeted by a cold blast of air.  I knew that we had set the system to 70 degrees to save energy and it was definitely way colder than that. I walked to your thermostat and saw the room temperature was down to 57 degrees.  I checked and the thermostat was programed to 70 so I immediately shut the system off.  I called up a friend of mine that runs an HVAC business nearby.  He said that he would try and squeeze us into the schedule for later that day. A few hours later the HVAC repairman arrived and began pulling apart our system to find out why it was working overtime. Within a short time he diagnosed the problem and was able to complete the repairs. The HVAC repairman commented that if I had not arrived to the office when I did, it’s highly likely the unit would have burned itself out. Then we would’ve had to replace the entire system! Despite the fact my day did not set off as planned, I was able to salvage what was left of the day.  We left a couple of hours early and planned on starting late on Monday.


Laundry room heating and AC

Just over a year ago, my husband and Ii decided it was time to take some serious steps toward our retirement goal of living on a boat. After selling our home last spring, we purchased a catamaran sailboat big enough for us to live on year round. Living on a sailboat is glorious but it means you don’t have all of the creature comforts of a full sized house. One thing that we had to give up was having a washer and dryer at my disposal. I don’t really mind too much and I have come to enjoy my weekly trips to a laundromat. Meeting people there is great, as there are people out of all backgrounds. One thing that can be difficult to handle,however, is the air quality. Since the building is filled with industrial size washers and dryers the air can be hot and humid if they don’t have a quality HVAC system.  On my last trip I noticed everyone who was doing laundry appeared to be very uncomfortable.  Many people were waiting outside and just coming in to check the machines. Looking around, I noticed the thermostat was set very high. We had just had a recent cold spell and I thought that they forgot to change it. I went and explained to the manager that everyone was extremely hot and asked if it would be possible to lower the setting. As she laughed, and explained she would love to but the thermostat was stuck. She did say that they were waiting for a repairman to arrive but there was nothing to be done in the meantime. Frustrated, I walked outside to wait with the other customers. I hope it is fixed by the next time I go back.

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Sweaty at prom

Unlike most people, I had a horrible prom night. In fact, high school all together was terrible for me. I was made fun of all the time because I had braces and puberty had not been kind to me. I was very self conscious about the way I looked. Now that I’m older, I realize it really wasn’t that bad. I only wish I had known that the night of my senior prom. For the majority of girls, prom is the best night of your life. It’s like you are a princess being whisked away by a handsome prince. For me, it was a terrible nightmare. The school I went to decided that they did not want to spend a lot of money on a venue and held the prom night instead at the high school’s gym. It was very hot and very crowded in the gym because there was no HVAC system. They instead had a bunch of giant fans blowing hot air around. I was sweating uncontrollably and you could see it running down the back of my dress. I needed some relief right away so I stood in front of one of the fans. Of course, it totally messed up my hair. So I ran straight to the bathroom because I knew the A/C would be on there. Some girls ran in with some booze. They started drinking it, and then a teacher came in and told us all to go to the principal’s office. I didn’t even argue that I wasn’t part of the group. The office had the best air conditioner in the whole school. When I went home, I just took my dress off, sat right near the A/C and tried to forget about my prom.

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Ice staying cool with air conditioning

I’ve never been very good at coming up with ideas and starting my own businesses. I am afraid of failing. Nonetheless, I’d really like to own a business and be my own boss one day because I am so sick of working for horrible bosses. I decided the best way to be my own boss is to actually buy out an existing, but promising business. When the ice skating rink in the next town over put up a sign saying they were going out of business, I knew my chance was here. I contacted the owners and made an offer on their business. After looking over their books, I found out why the business wasn’t doing well: they were spending lots of money on their air conditioning system. They spent almost double on their energy bill trying to cool the place with their old outdated A/C than they did on their lease. I saw a very clear and simple solution. I would buy a new energy efficient A/C system and then install a wall around the ice and put in a split HVAC system with a couple separate thermostats. That way, only the rink itself would have to be cooled with the A/C to a freezing temperature while the rest of the building could be maintained at a higher temperature.  I’d also use smart thermostats so I could monitor the energy usage and the A/C from my smart phone. It was a sure thing. I just knew it would work. My neighbor even owns his own HVAC company and was able to give me a discount on the HVAC system and labor. Now that the wall is up as well as the new HVAC system and thermostats, I have cut the energy bills by 60 percent!

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What HVAC can I get?

I’m shopping around for a new HVAC system for my home. My HVAC service provider came out to my house for some basic routine maintenance concerning my centralized heating and air conditioning system and he said that my cooling coils in my air handler where getting close to breaking. It seems they get rusty after a number of years and wear out eventually. I do believe that they just don’t make appliances like they used to. Back in the old days, it appeared like things lasted forever, but now when you purchase a home appliance you know it’s just going to last for a few years and then you’ll be required to replace it. I don’t know how outdated my HVAC system is but my house is only 12 years old so I guess it was the only HVAC system that was in the home. That means it would only be about 10 or 12 years old. One would think an HVAC system would last longer than ten years. I’m searching online to the most reliable HVAC system in the world. I think I’ll look in Consumer Reports and see which system they recommend. They test just about anything mechanical so they can point me in the right direction. I don’t care how much it costs, I will pay anything for my new HVAC system. I just want one that will last for many years and won’t be prone to deteriorating. I guess I could also call up my HVAC contractor and discover which HVAC system he suggests for my home.

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Time for ductwork cleaning

My significant other likes to deep clean our condo during the spring. During that time, I try to work overtime or find any excuse to be out the house. This is the one time in the year when my wife is the hardest to get along with. She is constantly complaining over something being fixed or a product being broken. This past Springtime was no different. She got it into her head that this she has been sneezing a lot of late. She was convinced that the air vents were packed with mold spores, and they were making her sick. I don’t typically entertain her crazy ideas, although the air vents were dirty. It absolutely was a long while since we really cleaned each one of the air vents. She woke me up on a Sunday morning and handed me a screwdriver, and asked me to remove all of the air vents for the whole home. She had filled the bathtub with hot bleach water, and was prepared to sanitize and clean as much of the inside of the air duct as she could reach. I got to work at removing all of the air vents, and we had 10 in total. We spent the rest of the morning moving from air duct to to air duct. I held the ladder, while my wife dug deep inside the air duct to clean. I was really surprised by the large amount of dust and debris that were sitting over the air vents. The water and the tub were black as pitch, and the vents finally looked new again. Our air ducts were finally clean just as before we moved in.

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Hole filled ductwork in my house

Last year, I did a variety of home renovations to a house I had purchased a long time ago. It was a lot of involved work, and it took many hard effort. I was definitely happy that I made the effort though. Not only is the house more comfortable, but it’s monetary worth has skyrocketed also. I had it appraised last month, and its value has more than doubled! I was relaxing inside your home a few days ago, when my heating and cooling system started demanding crazy. First, I could hear an unusually strange thumping noise coming because of my furnace. Next, a large cloud of steam came out from the vents. I thought the ductwork was burning down! I quickly called my local HVAC business to build some help. They told me they might send over an HVAC technician as quickly as they simply could. I hoped it wouldn’t carry long, because by this time mid-air quality was extremely hot. The HVAC technician arrived just a half of an hour. We was relieved, to say the lowest amount of. He soon got to succeed, First, he checked the central heat. It had some minor damage for the age, but nothing major. Next, he checked the ductwork. The HVAC technician discovered a giant blockage in one of the main pieces of the ductwork. This is what was causing the loud sound, and also the hot air quality. The HVAC technician soon got to work reducing the blockage in the ductwork. The process took him awhile, but he soon had everything cleared out. My HVAC system returned back to normal, and I was finally in a position to relax again with a comfortable working heating system.

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Had to call for a AC repair

I have always been a really clever kid growing up. My intelligence worked out for me as I got older. I ended up in a really good university. After university, I got an extremely good job. I have a lot of fun memories regarding my earlier higher education years. One of my most memorable memories was that I took part in a spelling bee in elementary school. It finally came down to me and one other kid, when the air quality abruptly became cold. It was like someone dumped a huge quantity of ice into the ductwork! We had to pull our shirts tightly around us to keep warm. The janitor tried to modify the thermostat, but nothing seemed to help. He even went as far as to opening up a top secret compartment in the walls to get at the ductwork in the ceiling. He looked around for a while, but was unable to find anything that could be causing the problem with this HVAC system. They ended up needing to be able to call an HVAC technician to come review the air conditioner and the other heating and cooling system. He got to the school pretty rapidly and inspected the entire heating and cooling system to get to the bottom with the problem. He soon found the main issue with our heating and cooling system problems. There was a burnt circuit with the thermostat. They would need to find it replaced, but the spelling bee continued. I ended up winning that round, even with the freezing cold air quality. That was sure one day of school I’d personally never forget!

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