Vacation thermostat changes

Several of my fondest memories from childhood are from our family vacations. My parents didn’t have a lot of money, but they always made certain to take us on no less than one trip every year. We would all pile in the car and take a roadtrip to visit new cities. We always went to at least one museum, and even got to see a few musicals along the route. My parents were very focused on giving us a good education in arts and history, that I appreciated even as a kid. Our family went out to nice dinners every evening on our vacations, and we stayed in hotels all across the country. Honestly, staying in a hotel was probably my favorite part. My parents would book a room just for the kids, and it was like we had our own little apartment. Not only did we now have our own beds and television, but each hotel room had it’s own heating and cooling units. We could set the air conditioner to whatever temps we wanted. When we got sick and tired of the cool air from that air conditioning, we could turn on the furnace, and have a warm and cozy room. In the house, our parents never let us touch the thermostat, so having complete temperature control felt to be a luxury. Additionally, we only had a furnace at our home, and only had a window air conditioning unit. Having central air conditioning in a hotel room was a brand spanking new experience! As much as I actually loved seeing new cities and additionally walking through museums, having complete temperature control in each accommodation made each family vacation much more comfortable and fun.

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