Getting new HVAC equipment for my business

I’ve been running a doggy daycare business for a few years now, and things have been going great. I’ve built up a loyal clientele and I can honestly say that I love what I do. I try my best to accommodate the individual needs of each dog that I take care of, and sometimes that can be a big responsibility. The entire indoor portion of my doggy daycare is air conditioned, and there’s a patio room outside that I keep air conditioned for the comfort of some of the older dogs. While my air conditioning unit lasted me a while, it recently started having problems so I had to have it replaced. I called an HVAC technician and explained the urgency of my situation, and the fact that my business was at stake. The HVAC technician was so friendly and told me he could come out the next day! Purchasing a new air conditioning unit is not cheap, but it is something I had to do for the comfort of the dogs I take care of. If the room wasn’t air conditioned they might overheat or run into health problems, which I certainly can’t let happen under my watch. Thankfully the new air conditioning unit worked like a charm and my business actually felt cooler than it has in months. I’m really glad I made the decision to replace my unit because I feel more comfortable at work and I know that my dogs are more comfortable as well. As a business owner it is my duty to make sure my clients have a safe, air conditioned environment for their dogs.

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