Dog and air quality

Since I was a child, I have suffered from extreme allergic reactions. It seems as if anything will trigger my allergies, from dust along with pollen to pet dander. Growing up, we never had dogs and cats because my allergies were so bad. Even though I always wanted to have a dog, my allergic reactions had been always very intense around animals. I was always so unhappy about my allergies preventing me from getting a dog! Now that I am older, I’ve learned some methods for getting around my allergic reactions. I replaced every bit of my carpeting with hardwood flooring, so that airborne contaminants like pollen and dust wouldn’t sink within the carpet. I also bought a particular hypoallergenic casing for my special pillows and my mattress, which really helps maintain my sinuses clear at night. I also purchased a home air purifiers, so that I can maintain highest level of indoor quality of air possible. Adding an air purifier has done wonders to keep my allergies at bay. The air purifier filters out any airborne contaminants floating through my house. This is especially important, because I have a forced air HVAC system. All my heating and cooling goes through some ductwork, and sometimes HVAC units transfer dust and dirt in the ductwork. I make sure to replace the air filter periodically to maintain the air purifier in top notch condition. Surprisingly, I haven’t had one allergic reaction since adding the air unit to my home! For the very first time in a long time, I’ve been able to keep my allergies managed, all thanks to adding a home air purifier to my home. With the air purifier constantly running, I might finally be ready to bring a dog home!

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