Air conditioner and outside debris

As a new homeowner, I’ve been doing all that I can to keep the look and function of my house at the highest level possible. There are a bunch of trees surrounding my house, and although I love the shade and natural charm that they provide, trees can also provide lots of problems. I am constantly cleaning leaves and debris from my rain gutters, and usually sticks and small branches show up on my roof. On a positive note, the trees offer enough natural shade that we hardly ever need to use my air conditioner. Even though I don’t use my air conditioner often, routine HVAC maintenance is a necessary part of being a homeowner. I get the air filter changed, and schedule routine HVAC maintenance. As it turns out, I had completely forgotten about how trees on my property may possibly affect my HVAC unit. This fall, I had an HVAC technician come service my air conditioner. He went outside to evaluate the outdoor HVAC unit, and there was clearly leaves and sticks surrounding that outdoor unit. When he took the filter out, it was clogged with dirt and pollen. The HVAC technician said that having trees close to the outdoor HVAC unit can contribute to an excess of leaves and dirt, which might get sucked up into the air conditioner. He advised that I start raking around the outdoor unit to keep it as clean as it can be. I had completely forgotten how important it happens to be to keep an outdoor HVAC equipment clean. I love having a lot of trees on my property, but I might have to trim some down to preserve my HVAC product!

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