No propane for heater

I  certainly lead a scheduled life & feel as if I am always running errands out & about in town.  One morning, last season, I came home from being gone all morning & thought the lake house felt chilly.  After getting the baby inside & setting all the groceries on the kitchen counter, I decided to investigate why I felt so cold.  Walking over to the temperature control I examined the heat settings.  The temperature control said the temperature was set to heat to a nice, toasty 76 degrees, yet the temperature in the home was only 62 degrees.  Confused by the temperature change, I walked over to the heating vent & set my hand over it but  felt nothing other than cold air blowing out.  I immediately turned off the thermostat control & ran outside to check the propane gage; the tank was entirely empty.  With the cold season rapidly changing temperatures, I needed heat fast so I called my propane provider.  Since I was not enrolled in program to receive on- call propane deliveries or heating unit inspections, I had to wait for a repair specialist to come to my lake house & inspect the burners & relight the propane flame.  Thankfully, a skilled propane repair specialist could come that day.  Upon inspection of my heating system, the repairman noticed a crack on a small screw near the burner.  My propane heating system had been leaking gas & I hadn’t a clue!  The repair provider commented on how blessed I was that the fumes from the leaking propane had not ignited and set fire to my home.  Returning to his truck, the repair specialist substituted the bolt, relit the flame, and allowed my lake house to heat up again.  I was so nervous about the discovery that I enrolled in the service program to ensure it wouldn’t happen again.

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