Investing in a cooling unit

When you think about being the victim of a burglary, you imagine items like money, jewelry, televisions, and other valuables being taken. Well, I had gone on vacation for a week back in June, and when I returned I came home to find that something else had been taken in my absence. My entire outdoor AC unit was gone. I can not imagine how someone could discreetly come and haul off every scrap of AC equipment that was out there but, some way or another, they did it. I was absolutely enraged. HVAC systems aren’t cheap, after all. I was insured, thankfully, and it was enough to cover the costs of getting a newer, even better model than my previous AC system, but I felt violated. When I was looking around for HVAC companies in my area and contacting prospective installers I mentioned what had happened, and apparently AC theft is more prominent than I had imagined. The thieves are able to take the parts from the AC unit and sell them, but it’s far more common for them to be stolen for selling the metals, primarily copper, that they contain. Knowing this and wanting to prevent my AC equipment from being targeted again, I went and invested in a new security system after the installation of the new system was complete. If I’m ever away from home for an extended period of time again I want the peace of mind that my property will be safe from intrusion. For any of you out there who have faced the same problems with HVAC theft, my sympathies go out to you.

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