I need to compose a plan

I sat at the piano, with a page blank except for the five lines streaking across each row. In a perfect world, I am supposed to fill each of these rows with black dots and symbols, in order to create what is known as music, but for now, I am sweating like I never have before. That’s right, the air conditioning in my apartment is broken. The thermostat is broken, and the HVAC unit is broken. Unfortunately, I don’t have access to any of these things. Rather, it’s my ever absent landlord that takes responsibility for fixing the broken HVAC unit, but he is never present, and always unreachable. For now, I have a deadline to fill, broken air conditioning or no, and I cannot let myself get behind. But unfortunately for me as well, working under uncomfortable circumstances has never been my strong suit, and especially for something as particular as music, I cannot seem to get any work done. I opened the window to try to let out some of the heat from the room that seemed more like a furnace, but the summer air outside was just as warm as that inside my apartment. I picked up the phone once more to call my landlord and complain about the HVAC unit, to tell him to get an HVAC service plan so at least the tenants wouldn’t be stuck in situations such as these, but of course I only got his voicemail. He doesn’t check that either. I sighed and went back to the piano, still sweating, and tried my hardest to get some black dots written.

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