Had to get new AC

When my grandparents moved some three years ago, it was an exciting thing. They had lived in the same house for over 50 yrs. Since they were getting older they needed to move closer to town, to remain near to their doctors along with hospital. They found a house they liked for a really cheap price. The house was a foreclosure that needed to be bought as is. Since my grandparents hadn’t bought a house in over 50 years, they dove inside and bought that house as is with no inspection or anything. They didn’t even consult their small children about moving first. They moved in during the springtime, when the days have been comfortable. They left the windows open to take circulate the air. Then summer came and it was one of the hottest summers on record. Their air conditioner did not work. It turned on, but the air coming out was not cold. They called the local HVAC service which had been booked for the next several days. Summer had begun, and everyone had also been having problems with their air conditioners. My grandparents got the next available appointment. When the HVAC technician arrived he pronounced their air conditioner absolutely dead. He said the entire system would have to be replaced. The heating and cooling portions of the HVAC Unit were both thoroughly broken. My grandparents were so mad that the HVAC system was broken. They had to pay thousands of dollars for a new HVAC system including new ductwork because their ductwork was old-fashioned and damaged. If I ever buy a new house I will make sure to have it inspected, even if I buy it as is, so I know all the things wrong with it.

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