Controlling the temperature in my apartment

I am thrilled to say that my boyfriend is finally moving closer to my apartment. Even better, he is moving in with one of our best friends, which means that we are going to have an amazing summer. The three of us have been really busy, scouring apartment ads to find the best place for them. There are tons of considerations to take, like how far away they will be from their jobs, what types of amenities the apartment will have, and how comfortable it will be. That is probably the most important thing right now, which means that temperature control needs to be taken into consideration. I want to make sure that they get a great apartment with an updated HVAC system. There are few things worse than having to go through a hot and humid summer without air conditioning, or suffering through winter without a reliable furnace! Plus, I’m going to be visiting them a lot, so I also have a personal reason why I would want their apartment to have excellent temperature control! Without a reliable HVAC system, they won’t feel comfortable in their own home, and it will be a waste of money to rent the apartment. We have looked at tons of places, but we haven’t been able to find the right fit yet. They are either too far away, not the right price, or come with outdated heating and cooling units. I hope that we can find a great apartment with a great HVAC system soon, because I am so excited to finally have my boyfriend living in the same town as me!

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