Apartment hunting problems

I cannot believe that it is finally happening that my boyfriend is moving closer to me. He is also moving in with our best friend. It is going to be the best summer ever this year. We are all looking for a place for the both of them. We have seen many apartments in the area. Of course we are taking many things into consideration. Some of these things are distance to me and work, amenities and the comfort of the apartment. The comfort of the apartment is probably their number one right now. They obviously want to be close to work but they also want to be comfortable there. They are going to be living there in a new city so being comfortable is part of that. Part of being comfortable is also a part of the HVAC system. If the apartment complex does not have a good HVAC system, they will never be comfortable at home. We have see some apartments and some have been clearly much more comfortable than others. We have noticed whether some apartments have been too cold or too warm. You know when you walk in right away. We automatically kind of ruled out those specific apartments. We are still looking for the perfect one but have yet to find it. Hopefully we will find the perfect fit very soon! If we do not find one, we will have to pick one that was the closest to being very comfortable. That will be the best we can get. When we own a house, we will never settle like that.

HVAC repairĀ