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Earlier this week, my brother asked me for some help moving into a new apartment. I’ve helped him move countless times already, so I was dreading that day. My brother doesn’t have the best luck though, as he always seems to move in the hardest weather. This last time, his move was scheduled for the middle of January, when the snow was falling like crazy. The temperature that day was ten below zero, with a horrific windchill amidst the snow. In addition, the roads were icy and hazardous, and somehow I ended up driving the uhaul truck. We started around this old apartment, where the heating system had already been turned off. The place is freezing cold, and everything needed to be carried down the stairs to the truck, which resided in a pile of snow. I attempted to carry his portable air conditioner, which weighed more than I thought it would, and nearly sprained a muscle doing so. Once we got everything packed within the truck, it was my job to maneuver the icy roads. The heater in the truck wasn’t even working, so we all just sat there shivering. I was so cold after the drive was done that I couldn’t wait to get started carrying things into his new place. I again got stuck hauling the portable air conditioner, on this occasion up four flights of steps. I later found out that his new apartment has an HVAC system already installed, and I wish we had that HVAC system the day we moved.

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For years now I have been collecting musical instruments. I now am the proud owner of an extensive collection that includes guitars, pianos, cellos, and one mandolin. The majority of these instruments are old, so I do everything I can to keep them in top shape. Temperature and humidity are some of the most important aspects to instrument preservation. Severe temperature movement will take a costly toll on these kind of delicate instruments. Insufficient moisture within the air can cause the wood to dry and crack while too much moisture is just as bad, leading to warped wood. In addition to this, there is the concern of mold or corrosion. To protect my set, I have invested in a state-of-the-art HVAC system this includes both a humidifier and dehumidifier. The forced air furnace and air conditioner include modern variable speed technology, which means that the system automatically responds to the environmental conditions. The unit adapts its capacity so that it only provides the right amount of heating or cooling required to maintain the specified indoor temperature. I know that the temperature never varies greater than one degree from the thermostat setting, and I chose a steam-style humidifier because it’s the most natural method of introducing moisture into the air. The whole-home humidifier and dehumidifier always regulates moisture levels within the set range. No matter what the elements are like outside, I have the power to create perfect conditions at home and protect my beautiful collection. Without my HVAC system, I would not be able to protect my instruments as efficiently.


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Just lately my girlfriend and I tried a new restaurant in town. We went out for our anniversary 2, 3 weeks after it’s grand opening. The building was great and also the atmosphere was quaint, both warm and sophisticated. However we observed early into our dining experience that this restaurant was having issues using their HVAC system. It was mid July and nearly 80 degrees. We barely ordered our meals before we called it quits and went to another establishment. As I was leaving I told our server I might give the place another try should the air conditioning get fixed. We recently did accept the offer and we are glad we did. The food was absolutely delicious as well as the place was buzzing with superb vibes. The proper climate conditioning made all the difference on the earth. We were comfortable, cool and content to spend our time and money supporting a fresh local business. The air conditioning experienced great, unlike last time when that it was humid, sticky, and unbearable. We had the same server and he laughed saying immediately after we left one more time the owner called their HVAC provider and demanded they send down a HVAC technician immediately. Soon the restaurant was cool again and they encouraged all previous customers would come back and try it again. Many of us don’t know how important it can be for a business to get functioning heating and air conditioning. It makes a world of  difference, especially in an environment who has a lot of equipment running with high temperatures. My girlfriend and I couldn’t have enjoyed our night out more, all because the eating venue fixed their A/C.

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My central air conditioner is relatively eighteen years old and is most definitely beyond its usefulness. It probably needed to be replaced around five years ago or so. Although it still operates and provides cool air throughout the house, it does not do a good job at all. When my air conditioner was pristinely new, my home was always a consistent temperature inside. Now, some areas are much warmer and there are hot spots in some corners. The air conditioner can’t continue to combat the humidity and on very hot summer days, my house feels sticky and uncomfortable. The air conditioner, however, tries valiantly to maintain the thermostat setting. The AC unit runs and runs all day and night, all the while making a great deal of noise. As it starts to run, the air conditioner rattles as if all the parts will break loose. As it continues to run, the unit settles into a shrill screeching and circulates the smell of dirty pond water throughout the house. I’ve also noticed that as soon as the air conditioner is operating, there is a great deal of dust in the air. More than likely, the entire unit is clogged with mold, mildew, dust particles, and pollen. Even though I’ve had the HVAC system in my house serviced by an experienced professional on an annual basis, the technician cannot keep all of the inner workings spotless. Through the years of consistent use, contaminants gradually build up and lessen performance and productivity. Every month, my air conditioner definitely costs more and more to run. It would certainly be smart to purchase a modern air conditioner. I could cut down my electric bill while improving the comfort and cleanliness of my home.

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Do you ever have those pieces of advice from your parents and grandparents pop up in your head.  You know, the one liners that you thought were so boring when you were a kid. This happens to me from time to time.  Last week, as I was leaving my house, one of these came to me clear as day.  I got in the car and tried to start it but nothing happened.  I had my car jumped and seemed to work for a moment, but then instantly shut off when I took it out of park. Long story short, I had to have my alternator replaced and a new battery installed. It was not a cheap fix to say the very least. My father always told me to “Save for any rainy day”, which I made an effort to, but still took a hit from this bill. So later that day when my father called me to tell me that his air conditioning system broke down, I asked if he saved for his “rainy” day. He reassured me that regardless of how much you have saved in a “rainy” day fund, that it still hurts to have to spend it. Apparently, during a recent remodeling job, they forgot to update their HVAC unit and it was original to the house as well. The HVAC was leaking air coolant, causing condensation and water began to pool in the system. This created a humid environment in the house. They noticed the humidity increasing throughout the night, but assumed it’s just a warmer evening. By the time morning came, the house was downright muggy and they knew to call their HVAC technician to have the unit serviced. Thanks to their “rainy” day savings account it was possible to have their AC replaced without too much of a headache.

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When I purchased my house, I was so thrilled to move in and start fixing it up. Because I was on an extremely tight budget, I picked a house in a great location that was in need of some major updates. Since I am super handy, I knew that I could manage the majority of the work on my own. I moved into the house in late September, and the weather was downright perfect. I was able to leave the windows and doors open, which was helpful while I tore down plaster, tore out floors, and painted. I didn’t worry  at all about heating or cool, or fumes or dust. I decided that energy conservation was my priority and added a substantial amount of insulation to the walls, ceilings, and the attic. I invested in Energy Star rated windows and doors, and carefully weatherstripped around them. I devoted a great deal of time, and more money that I could truthfully afford, but by the time winter arrived, the inside of my house was just as I wanted it to be. Unfortunately, when the season changed and the temperature dropped, and it was time to start my furnace, I realized I had a serious problem. The furnace only supplied a cold air and it  smelled like burning hair. When it operated, it screeched and wheezed and was really loud. I didn’t think it was safe to run the thing, because I figured it would burn the house down. I called in a local HVAC contractor to look over the system, and he confirmed that the furnace was not worth mending. Having given up all of my savings to improving the house, I had to obtain a home improvement loan to buy a brand new furnace and cover the cost of repairs to the duct system.

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Inside of college, I was always looking to take as many weird classes as the school offered me. I think it is crucial to step outside of your safe place while in college. It helps well round you to be a person so you’re ready for real life when you graduate. This leads me to my senior year when I took a weird class in the basement of one of several campus buildings. Only around 12 kids ended up actually signing up for the class so it was a small group and a professor. What I thought was an art class actually was something even more weird. It was a class regarding the air conditioner business. He was a really strange guy that was very knowledgeable about his work, thus I said why not and ended up in his course. It was kind awkward meeting him inside of a basement one time a week for a couple hours, but it was a simple grade. He taught me several HVAC units to furnaces. I was amazed the amount there was actually to learn about the HVAC business and air conditioning products. He was an HVAC computer professional before he taught this type of class, so it was interesting to hear about it. The final quiz was on heating and cooling. I was required to answer questions about heater restoration and heater installation, air conditioner products and furnace service. I got an A in the class and now I know a lot about a HVAC business. It was a very weird experience for me. heater

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During my childhood, we never really had too much money. My mom worked hard to allow us to survive, but the other kids in school always seemed to have much more than us. I can remember sometimes having nothing within the fridge to eat for two days until my parents got paid right at the end of the month. It became especially hard when I went to college and was forced to work full time and go to school full time. The other kids would exit and party and I would have to be at work every saturday and sunday. It was these struggles that made me who I’m sure today. I worked hard and now I think I deserve good things. So now that I am finally finished up with college and have a fantastic job, I want to start enjoying what I was never allowed to get growing up. I contacted the realtor and setup an appointment to start view houses in my area. One thing that I couldn’t stand growing up was at home we didn’t have an HVAC product. There were no HVAC providers in this particular small town, so we had to use an air conditioner and furnace every year for heating and cooling. There was no cooling service and no furnace service so every time something broke we had to buy another unit. My new house needed to have an HVAC unit and HVAC technician that will repair everything. I have the money now and I would like to purchase their heater repair in addition to air conditioner repair service.

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Having heated floors inside my home is simply something that I have never considered. I’ve always relied on more traditional heating units, like a furnace or a radiator. Having heat come through the floors seems way too fancy, and a bit too frivolous for the sort of heating we need. My husband, however, has always loved radiant flooring, because that’s the type of HVAC unit that his parents always had. He assured me that it was a very effective way to provide heat across the entire home, and was much cleaner than a forced air system. Although I like the idea of having a heating unit hidden, tucked away underneath the floor, it’s been difficult for me to get on board with radiant flooring. After many discussions about installing radiant flooring, we have both agreed to put heated floors inside our master bathroom. I was a little wary about how much the installation would cost, but it was surprisingly less than I originally thought. After having had radiant flooring throughout the winter, I must admit that my husband was right! I really love having heated floors, and it’s probably my favorite part about the winter. Heat gradually flows upwards from the floor, making the master bathroom into a totally comfortable and relaxing place to be amidst chilly winter temperatures. The heat isn’t too dry, and you can’t even hear the heating unit when it is running. Cold bathroom floors have always been so uncomfortable, but now we don’t have to worry about that anymore! I am so pleased with the radiant flooring that I am trying to convince my husband into having it installed underneath every floor, including the driveway!

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Last night, I watched Aladdin on the couch with my five-year old son. He fell asleep, and I couldn’t help imagining what life would be like if I actually had three wishes. I would use them all for renovations around the home. First and foremost, I would completely install a new kitchen, with new tile and brand new appliances. Secondly, I would have both bathrooms completely redone. Third, and probably most importantly, I would install a completely new, updated HVAC system. The current HVAC system in our home has not been working properly lately, and I’ve had to schedule repair from an HVAC technician three times in the last year. I am so ready for a new HVAC system! If I had a wish to get whatever I wanted, I would install central heating and cooling, and I would also connect my air conditioner and furnace to a series of smart thermostats. With smart thermostats in every room, I could have zoned heating and cooling, with each room set to be at its own unique temperature. This could solve a lot of problems with sleep patterns, because I like my bedroom much colder, and my son likes his bedroom to be warmer. It’s difficult to find a compromise for the thermostat temperature in our house, and usually one of us ends up not sleeping well. Having a smart thermostat connected to the furnace and air conditioner would also mean that I could make thermostat adjustments even when I am gone. I could leave my office, adjust the thermostat, and by the time I get home, I could walk into a perfectly cooled or heated house. I hope that one day soon, I can get my wish!heating and air