Making sure my furnace works right

My family and I put a pool in our backyard some two years ago, and we were very excited to possess a fun place for the summer season. We have family and close friends that visit often, and we knew we’d all have fun with barbecues and small social gatherings. Our climate tends to be on the cold side, and we discovered quickly that the swimming pool water was always too cold to enjoy at the start of summer. Though we would make an effort to enjoy it anyway, it has been sometimes just too painful to enter. We knew that there must be an answer, and started asking around about the easiest method to heat it. We gathered our suggestions and called an HVAC technician for some advice and estimates. What he suggested was amazing. There is a system which attaches to the air conditioner and the swimming pool pump and uses the wasted heat from the A/C to warm the pool water. In essence, it basically heats the pool at zero cost. There is no wasted energy, no additional costs, and the most important thing, no more turning blue while looking to swim. We had thought about solar heating or simply installing a pool heater until we learned about this heat recovery system. Since it’s recovering heat that is already there and not manufacturing heat, the cost to run it is pennies. We were quickly sold on the idea, and the installation was fast and unobtrusive. What a huge difference the heat recovery system has created for us. Our pool is comfortable from day one of summer, and all through the season.

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Improving your air flow

Trips to the movies has been a remarkable way for me and friends to hangout. We’ve snuck foot long subs in, in one of my friend’s purses. We’ve found ourselves laughing through a bunch of scary movies. Especially lately, there have been a lot of snoozer movies that are kind of easy to laugh at because they’re trying too much. The movies near me have actually gotten so expensive, but they’re nice and my friends always prefer to go, so I spend the money on a ticket and movie theatre food. One of the things I actually dislike, however, is the fact that I need to bring a sweater into movie theaters when they’re extremely air conditioned. Often times, especially during significant movie premieres at certain theaters, they’ll turn the AC up as a result of how many people are planned to be inside of the theater. I get that they’re aiming to make people feel comfortable, and relaxed, but, no one is going to bring a blanket into a place like this to battle frigid a/c temperatures. I guess it’s hard too, because, you have people that are different sizes which happen to have different body temperatures and layers that keep them cool or warm. Most of the time now, I’m so fortunate when I don’t forget to bring a sweater because the A/C will distract me from this movie that I’m paying a great deal to watch. This might be payback for laughing a great deal of time during horror films though. Regardless, I might need to get started in sneaking blankets into certain theaters with intense AC systems.


HVAC tune-up

I believe that once you have matured to a certain point, romance dies. I have recently turned twenty-nine, and the romance in my life is definitely over. I am not looking to date the bad boy who wears a leather jacket and rides a motorcycle without a helmet. I will be excited to find a semi-decent looking guy with a solid job. I recently had to call my heating and cooling professional for a service appointment to repair a problem with my furnace. The HVAC contractor is about my dad’s age. He has  been employed as an HVAC service technician, and provided heating maintenance in the area,  longer than I have been alive. He impressed me from the moment he walked in the entranceway. I loved that he arrived at my doorstep on time. I have had many men who couldn’t manage to show up for a date on time. My HVAC professional also took off his shoes to prevent tracking dirt in the house. And he put down drop cloths. Then he got straight to the job at hand, and started looking at the furnace. The issue was that my heating system needed a worn out part replaced. The technician fixed up my furnace within the house. He was quick and wonderfully efficient. I also enjoyed our conversation while he worked. I have learned that it is far better to have a man who’s got a job and is nice to you. I no longer look for a guy with big biceps and the right hair. I do not care if am all that physically attracted to him. I find it incredibly more impressive that my older HVAC specialist could handle my heating system with such skill and efficiency. He is definitely a caring and knowledgeable individual, and I may need to ask him out on a date.  


New air quality products

Consider if your heating system or cooling system is the dirtier unit. I debate between which of my units is your grosser one. The heater in the house tends to gather more dust than an air conditioner. Dust will most likely build up in the heater and lead to big problems. The dust will cause it to run longer, and possible breakdown more often. Cleaning out the furnace filter is very helpful but not sufficient.  There is always dust inside the system that needs to be removed by an HVAC professional. Rust is another problem that will frequently impact the reliability of a furnace. The rust corrodes and threatens the heat exchanger and can destroy the furnace. Dust and rust will negatively impact the air quality in the home. Both a heating and cooling system rely on ductwork for efficient operation. HVAC air ducts are a likely place for all kinds of debris to be concealed. The outdoor ventilation will may get obstructed by trees, twigs and plants. Also it is simply not uncommon for small rodents or bugs to crawl in the ventilation pipes and die. Conscientious people will, in the off seasons, seal up the vents so this does not happen. The indoor vents, as with your furnace, are a gathering place for pollen, dust and pet dander. A cooling system is more likely to have a problem with mold. The cooling coil of the air conditioner will frequently have fungus growing on it. The condensate drain is a likely breeding ground for algae. All sorts of bacteria thrive inside an air conditioner. Which piece of equipment are you most concerned with? Can you really get by without scheduling maintenance from your local HVAC dealer?

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Ductless A/C can be a great option

Have you ever seen a ductless mini split air conditioner? I haven’t, but I want one. There seems to be so many advantages to this cooling system. Most A/C units use ductwork to bring the cold air from the outdoor compressor and into your domicile. The ductwork is a challenge to set up and difficult to upkeep. The installation forces a HVAC technician to go all through your house and making big holes in your walls or ceiling in order to find room to put these big tubes in. While the HVAC provider is doing that, a ton of drywall powder is spreading all throughout your home. Do you have bronchitis and also allergies? The dust will be a problem for you following your installation. Also the ductwork will not be simple to fit into your rooms. The piping sometimes must curve around. When the ductwork is not parallel, it will probably crack or break. Cracked and bent ductwork allows the conditioned air to spread out beyond the ducts. So the air cooling you have budgeted for can be cooling your inside walls or lawn. These are the reasons ductless is a better option. If there are no ducts to break, you can’t lose energy through ducts. In addition, you save time and money because you don’t have to regularly clean and inspect ductwork. The mini split duct-free can be described as a wall mounted unit that is not complicated. All the HVAC guy has to do is make a couple holes, and then connect copper wires and refrigerant tubes from the inside unit to the outside unit. It is not hard to install and easier to maintain or repair. You do not waste energy and the mini split system doesn’t take over your home. Also if you install an extra indoor air handler or two, you can have zoned cooling. There just are too many good things to not consider getting this system.

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This cooling system is just what I wanted

I want to go to the bank but I’ve been worrying about it. I have well over a thousand dollars in cash just sitting in my dresser drawer. For my work I take my check to one bank and then get the cash. And  then I should  take it to my real bank to put the cash towards my account. The annoying thing is though iis my bank is about thirty minutes away. I never want to drive all that way just to deposit money. So, instead I usually just acting like an idiot even though I am not. The whole bank experience isn’t joyful. I will have to forgo the beautiful summer day outside and get in my car. Instead of relishing in the  natural light, I will have to fire up the gas hog and the air conditioner. Then when I finally get to the bank I will have to stand around in line for a simple transaction. I despise the coldness and odor in the building. It always seems to be dusty too. I bet the bank’s heating and cooling unit is stuffed up with dust. Personally i think the moldy dust is circulating in the air and ruining the indoor quality of air. Also the A/C must be set inside for negative ten.  It is always freezing in there. So not only am I having to wait and wait, but I am uncomfortable while I am doing so. Even though it’s ninety degrees outside,  I must remember to take a jacket with me because of the bank. Really, who wants to tackle that? It sounds so aggravating that I can’t make myself look so foolish. I just do not want to be waiting forever in broken air conditioning, sucking in poor air quality and losing time. Instead, I guess I will have to just buy everything with cold hard cash from my drawer.

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Staying comfortable

I recently started a new job that was I was starting on Monday. It is an office job in the city and I was extremely nervous but additionally excited. It was 88 degrees that morning and getting hotter. So I decided to stick with a dress on my first day’s attire. I thought that it would be professional, yet cute, I figured this was far greater than wearing a pantsuit and being too stuffy on my first day. When I got to the office though, everyone was dressed professionally like me, but they on jackets, pants and even blankets. I realized it was cold in there but I had been nervous and sweating so it didn’t matter to me. My co-worker, Ashley, was showing me the ropes me around the office and I asked her why most people had blankets and were dressed as if it was winter. She told me that the air conditioning runs excessively and is usually set on sixty degrees or cooler. Since it’s actually a massive building, they do not have control over the thermostat so they just have to handle it in certain ways. She advised wearing lots of layers. This is because the outside was brutally hot and you don’t want to overheat but then the inside was very cold, so you want to be able to handle any situation. One girl even had a heater under her desk! I hate being hot and was okay with it being too cool. I just thought it was crazy they had no control over their HVAC unit. That makes finding an outfit significantly more difficult than what I had imagined.

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Tune-ups twice a year

If you’ve ever owned an HVAC system, then you would probably know how nice they are to have. They really make your house into a totally different world. You can set the temperature of your residence with just the press of a button. I wish we were somehow able to adapt this science into complete control of the weather. My house is always perfectly set for my preference. It is not always easy to keep up with it though. Especially if you have a breakdown that you are not expecting in any way. It really ruins your day. The HVAC technician can usually fix whatever issue it is that you have fairly quickly, however sometimes they are unable to and it leads to other issues. I try to prevent any breakdowns from happening with regular maintenance checks. My HVAC company comes with a maintenance plan so that I can get two tune ups a year and be able to schedule these tune ups in advance. They even makes sure that I don’t forget myself and remind me when I am due for another inspection. They come to your house and do what they have to do. They makes sure your system is clean. I appreciate this because I never want excess dust and dirt flying around my home. They look for the defective parts as well. The defective parts are the parts which can cause the system to experience a breakdown. If you catch these parts before they are completely useless, then there is a better chance the system will not breakdown. This is the best case scenario because you never want to go without having a HVAC system.


I’m really loving this A/C equipment

Since I’m living on my own, I’ve been cooking more. I used to cook here and there when I was living at home with my parents, but during my four years of college, I wasn’t able to continue cooking because I lived within a dorm. Now, I have more time, so I bought a cookbook and started utilizing it. My husband was my guinea pig for every new recipe. The first 30 days, I made all so many different things: stir fry, fried chicken, cake donuts, sushi, spaghetti, chicken parmesan, lamb chops,curried chicken, beef stew, and a number of different things! I cooked for probably 2-3 hours every single night! At that point, I wasn’t working as often, so I actually had the extra time. It really was awesome, and I (and my husband) totally enjoyed it! Although, there was a side effect, which I finally realized when I received my utility bill in the mail. Despite the fact that I was cooking away, my poor HVAC system was having to work much harder to keep the house cool to what the thermostat was set at. The bill was a hundred dollars more than the previous month’s bill! I was totally shocked! I was surprised that I didn’t think about how much more air conditioning was being used, as a direct result from using my oven or stove for way too long everyday! I decided that during the next month I would try a few more recipes that did not make use of oven quite as much. I’m sure enjoying cooking too much to stop completely just because how expensive the air conditioning is! My HVAC unit is just going to need to get used to working a lot of overtime!

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Making sure your heating and air work

The game I love to play the most is hide and go seek. It’s simple fun of hiding and then trying so hard to not be caught. I try to get a little creative, and hide to the extent that no one can ever find me. Now, I love playing it with my kids. I seem to always hide where they won’t find me but then it’s super hard not to burst out laughing as they’re walking right by me, but yet they still don’t see me. Just last week, I told them what room I was going to hide in; they walked in and still couldn’t figure out where I was. I often think that I am the best player of hide and go seek. Every now and then, we all like to hide within the closet that holds our HVAC equipment. It’s a very compact space, but we’ll open the only door and squeeze our bodies in there, and nobody ever remembers to look in there, which makes it a guaranteed run back to safe base. While i was hiding in there a little while ago, I started thinking that maybe it isn’t the safest place for us or the kids to be hiding. My main concern is, I not want someone to ruin the HVAC equipment because then can’t utilize it, and we’d have to pay a professional HVAC technician to come fix the issue, and that won’t be fun. It’s also not necessarily the best place to hide since HVAC machines are super complex and dangerous. They could cause a lot of damage if it’s improperly handled. So finally I had to tell the kids that we’re not allowed to hide in the closet anymore. That’s okay with me though, because I have many other places to go hide out.

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