I guess a pregnant woman needs A/C

For pregnant women, there are some things you are going to need. Firstly, you must get enough rest. That means you’ll need to sleep more than usual by going to bed earlier or sleeping in later. Perhaps you will need a nap in the midst of the day if possible. You will also need good nutrition. It is time to cut out junk food in addition to eating healthier and getting necessary proteins. You will also need to stay cool. Many doctors recommend you stay out of hot tubs, and I am here to tell you that your HVAC system is going to be your best friend during your pregnancy. If you happen to live further south, this is particularly true. Also, if you are pregnant during the summer months, you will definitely be using the air conditioning system more than usual. It seems as if maternity causes either hot flashes or simply a sense of being overheated all the time. You will want to drink a lot of cool liquids, mostly water. Turn down the thermostat of the cooling system to fill the home with cool air. I remember when I was pregnant, I not only used the normal HVAC system to cool the air, but I also installed an old window air conditioner in the bedroom so I could be more comfortable sleeping at night. Nowadays, there are more sophisticated HVAC systems that employ HVAC zone control, so perhaps you could make your bedroom cooler that way during the night. That would serve the same purpose as my window air conditioner did. Regardless of how you prefer to do it, you will definitely need cooling more than you’re used to.

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We’re all having a great time

My sister and her fiance bought their first home together this past year. The home was gorgeous, but was older and a little bit of a fixer upper, so naturally it needed some renovations. I took a week off to help them through the moving process. They moved a bit further south. The climate was similar, but a little warmer all through the year. They moved in late May when the weather was starting to get hot. What a tiring few days! The worst part of the week was not having A/C in the home. The old owners never had any sort of central HVAC system installed in the house, so the house relied on ceiling fans and windows to keep cool. It’s tough to sleep at night, the inside climate was sticky, not to mention uncomfortable. A few weeks later during the renovation process, my sister had a central HVAC installed in the house. I returned for a visit a few weeks later and noticed the difference. Her home was properly cool and relaxing, a serious change of pace from my last visit. She told me they decided to invest in a new HVAC system after only a week of living in the home. Their local HVAC provider installed a smart thermostat with the new system so she and her fiance can control the indoor climate from any smartphone or computer. My second visit was delightful, we spent the days hanging out in the sun and relaxed during the evenings in the comfort of air conditioning. I will be visiting more knowing her house is comfortable.

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I am loving this ground source for energy

I stayed with some relatives a few weeks back for a couple of nights while traveling back home from vacation. I hadn’t seen my cousins in awhile so I figured it was a great chance to catch up and see their home. Their house was pleasant, it was big, with a large  fenced in backyard and an in-ground pool. My cousin and I were catching up after dinner my first night there when he informed me he heated and cooled his house with a ground source heat pump. Ground source heat pumps I learned work like reverse air conditioners in the winter, depending on the temperatures underground to fill the home with heat in the colder months. In the the summer months, the cool underground temperatures help keep the home cool. My cousin said ground source heat pumps rely on a renewable resource, so it allows him to be both environmentally friendly as well as economically conscious. He says ever since he’s owned their GSHP, he has saved substantially on his energy bills. He went on to demonstrate that ground source heat pumps are costly to install at first, but those costs are made up in energy savings, usually in the first 5-10 years. The HVAC contractors who installed his unit proceeded to explain that GSHP require little maintenance, and when installed correctly, last a lot longer than air source heat pumps and other types of heating systems because they don’t have any components exposed to the outdoor elements. I don’t own a home yet, but when I do I’ll talk with HVAC providers to learn even more about these wonderful heat pumps.hvac-system

I really do think I can fix this HVAC system

I live by myself and most of the time, I really like the  privacy. My job sometimes requires me to work long hours, and it’s nice to never have to worry about disturbing anyone else when I come home. I’ve always been someone who likes maintaining a high level of privacy and independence, so living without anyone is the perfect situation for me personally. The only time I’ve truly found myself bothered by living alone was a couple months ago, when my furnace started acting up. Winter had hardly started, so the outside environment hadn’t reached freezing yet. Still, I really enjoy having heat in my house, so I usually turn this furnace on before I have to. One day, I couldn’t get my furnace to start up. No matter the amount I adjusted the thermostat, the house felt like it was cool and lukewarm at best. I even tried checking the air vents to be sure that they were open, and that nothing was blocking them. I don’t know anything about fixing a furnace, and I didn’t want to risk breaking the furnace by trying to fix it myself. I was extremely frustrated, and for a brief moment, I found myself really wishing I had someone else in the home to help me troubleshoot. Thank goodness I found the contact information for a local HVAC provider, and they actually sent over an HVAC technician. Within a few hours, the HVAC technician was able to repair my furnace. He even gave me some tips on making sure my own furnace is prepared for the cold weather. I’m so thankful I have a local HVAC business that can help me if any issue like this arises again.

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We do need a new HVAC unit

A few of my friends and I made a decision to take a long weekend to visit the mountains and go camping. Work has been very busy lately, so the idea of a relaxing weekend sounded like a much therapy session. We rented a cabin by the lake. Well, not “the” cabin by the lake. Anyway, we booked the cabin, which also gave us access to a small fishing boat, a jet ski, and other fun outdoor tools. We left on a Friday after work and planned to return on Tuesday morning. When we reached the cabin, everything seemed to be as explained. The cabin had two bedrooms and two bathrooms and was fully furnished. The view from the living room windows was phenomenal. We were truly impressed by way of the accommodations, until we realized that it was missing one very important luxury. After looking about the cabin, we failed to find any sort of air conditioning. There was no living room air conditioners, no central heat and air and no ceiling fans. Thankfully it was the end with the summer so the heat at night wasn’t too hot. A few buddies left the cabin and went looking for a few portable fans to keep us cool while we slept. The lady at the store in town informed us that a lot of the cabins in that area didn’t have central heat or air and if we found one with running water, we were lucky. Next time we go on a quick retreat, I am going to ask about the HVAC system.heating-and-air

I worry about this A/C

Several times a month I like going out and meeting up with a few good friends for dinner. We drive around trying new restaurants and establishments we’ve heard good things about. Just recently my friends and I drove a town over to try this new restaurant. We made a reservation and arrived to discover the business packed full of guests. The place seemed very fun and lively, just the kind of place my friends and I live to hang out at. After we were sat at our table however, we noticed the interior temperature seemed unusually hot and rather uncomfortable. We looked around and witnessed other patrons fanning themselves and appeared hot also. I asked our nice server why it was so warm and she informed me their air conditioning unit stopped working earlier in the shift. The owner contacted their HVAC business and technicians were doing their best to fix the issue. It was cooling off outside, but with so many people inside, the environment was grew unbearable. We asked to be seated outside on the patio where there would be at least a breeze. Our food was delicious and the house band was great, but our experience wasn’t the best because of the A/C situation. A manager came out to apologize and told us they would monitor their HVAC system better going forward. We told him we would likely return once the A/C was working efficiently, we really did enjoy the environment. In the summertime, air conditioning is often more of a necessity than a convenience. If businesses care to keep their customers coming back, it’s smart to ensure their indoor dining climate is comfortable and up to par.

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A/C repairs

My friend and I recently traveled down south to attend a weekend wedding. It was summer and the weather down that way was outrageously hot and humid, much hotter than we were used to back home. We had a room booked in the hotel everyone else was staying at, which I thought would be both fun and convenient. But when we arrived the night before there was nothing convenient about our hotel. We arrived to our room to find our air conditioner wasn’t working. It was in the upper 90s outside and naturally the room was incredibly hot. We talked to the front desk agent to see if there was anyway we could switch rooms but the hotel was fully booked. They told us they would contact their HVAC technician ASAP but it probably wouldn’t be until the next day. We didn’t have a choice in the matter at that time of night so we decided to muscle through the night without any A/C. It was terrible. My friend and I tossed all night due to the heat and didn’t get much sleep . We woke up in the morning tired, hot and cranky. The air conditioner was fixed the following night which was a relief but the experience was still frustrating and overall a bad one. When you book a hotel, if nothing else, customers want to be comfortable. If a hotel’s HVAC system isn’t operating properly, being comfortable can be difficult. The next time I book a hotel I’m definitely going to do my research and make certain they have A/C and their online reviews are good.

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I think that everybody would like quality HVAC equipment

I have loved hiking and camping in the woods. I like seeing how well I can survive in nature as little supplies as possible. I carry some sort of backpack with my tent, some healthy snacks, water, and flint. Hiking makes me do whatever I can with mother nature. The rain is actually fun to walk in. I need to feel the water hit me and enjoy swimming as it is raining. The cold just makes us hike faster and work harder to heat our body temperatures up. Inside extreme temperatures, I just walk shirtless and wear my softball cap. There is no element I cannot conquer. It is significant to me. I love a good exercise and being outdoors. I love it so much that I had to share that experience with my girlfriend. She had never been hiking before. Because of this, I took her on one of my easier routes. Halfway through the hike, she started whining. My girlfriend was too hot, she desired to sit down and be inside the air conditioning. I told her that there was clearly no A/C and no resting stops on the hike. I did not realize how crucial air conditioning was to her. She was really cranky the entire time. At night, she was worse though. She was unhappy in the tent and laying in the grass. She said the ground was too rigorous and she was too cold. She thought I would’ve packed a space heater for our hike. Where would I put a space heater inside my bag? From now on, no women is allowed to come on my hikes.

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We don’t have A/C!

There are numerous forms of torture in the world. You can peel off someone’s fingernails or make them endure a complete Miley Cyrus live performance. There is waterboarding and also a exercising with no water. However, one of the many cruelest things you can do to a person is make them teach a summer school class. I have thought about it, and have decided that teaching it is normally worse during the summer. I’ve got a lot of large loans from when I attended college. That means that I have to earn extra money to pay them back. My teaching salary is not nearly enough. I have to do extra things like coach, go to soccer games, and unfortunately undertake summer school. It is a horrible job since the school averages 85 degrees. It is always super hot and there’s no cooling system. Why would the school bother with climate control? Nobody is really within the building over the summer. For certain, I only see an occasional custodian in addition to my students. Sometimes, I can make a janitor feel sorry enough for me to get ahold of a small fan. That is the best I can do to stay cool. I get stuck with a group of students who failed my course. They each hate me, don’t desire to be there, and it is overly hot. I think if they had air conditioning to stay cool, they would be in a decent mood. Instead, we all are extremely hot in the heat and depressed. I wish I wasn’t in so much debt. I would not need to do summer school. I’d donate some money to keep the AC running for the teachers that have to work.cooling-and-heating

Make sure you weather proof your home

The other winter, I noticed some big problems around the house. My furnace was unable to keep up with the cold, outside environment. My house was just never quite warm enough, no matter how high I set this thermostat. I blamed it on the outdoor weather. With subzero temperatures and additionally severe wind, it was bound to be a little chilly inside. I also realized that my heating bills were much higher every month. It was aggravating to pay so much more for less comfort. I was dusting constantly, because the house was always dirty. Everyone that is in my family was always coughing, sneezing, and additionally complaining of headaches. I lastly called my HVAC technician and I then complained. He immediately inspected the furnace, as well as the ductwork. He said that all of my problems with the house were the fault of the ductwork. I had leaks and holes in the ductwork. I had heard that duct sealing was a high-priced and messy process, so I was slightly concerned. Fortunately, my HVAC technician makes a specialty of a process called aeroseal. It is a far simpler and more effective technique of sealing ductwork. Adhesive particles are blown all through the ductwork. As air escapes because of holes and imperfections, the adhesive particles stick to the edges and gradually build up. They effectively seal holes as much an inch in diameter, reducing energy losses. Once the process was complete, my HVAC contractor tested the integrity in the ductwork and provided a computer generated report with the findings. He said that I would probably notice a thirty percent cut in my annual energy costs. That could more than pay for the method.

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