Relying on the HVAC system

I had started my search for a better job closer to the city for just about a year, when I got really lucky to find just what I was searching for merely two weeks ago. My old position was working in a restaurant. I was a server about two days a week and then I would be bussing tables and hosting another four days. The day I got off was usually a Tuesday. It really was not the worst job on this earth, but it was a somewhat tiring lifestyle. About a month or so back I discovered an opportunity at a museum. I scheduled an interview and was given the job. The position sounded great and I can say that I love it. The pay, hours, and even the existing HVAC system are great. It isn’t a tiring job at all. The group that I work with are super friendly and the indoor quality of the air is fantastic. I know it probably sounds silly, but having worked at jobs without any air conditioning at all for many years, I’ve really started to appreciate how being comfortable physically in a nicely cooled office can improve a work day. My most recent job at the restaurant was difficult mostly because there isn’t air conditioning outside.  The entire guest area was located outside. Mainly because the tourists love the outdoor ambiance here so that was our main source of success. Of course, as a waitress, some air conditioning and an indoor dining room would have been preferable. The long sleeves and slacks made having no A/C pretty rough sometimes.


Creating a good environment in my home

I am rarely ever indifferent to most anything. Personally, I consider myself very polarized in any situation because I usually either dislike things or become 100% obsessed with them. Whenever I initially learn about a subject, I can usually tell straight away if it will be interesting to me or not. For instance, when my grandfather tried to introduce me to a life of hunting. I just don’t you have the patience for hunting. Waiting there out in the woods was incredibly boring for me. On the same sheet of music,though, I immediately fell for volleyball and it quickly turned into my first full-on obsession. At present, I have a volleyball and still go out in the yard every day for at least an hour to practice. However, my HVAC system is incredibly important in regards to keeping me active. At 64 years of age, I believe that an air conditioner is key in keeping myself from having a heat stroke while playing volleyball in the sun.  As a matter of fact, indoor air quality is important to most of what I do. I need to feel comfortable in our weather conditions, that requires climate control, quite honestly. The winters here are warm and the summers here are very hot. So, I’ve learned to keep my air conditioner set to pop on at 6 AM, in order that when I get up and moving my home is already nice and cold. It helps that I have a thermostat that features a timer built in. Back in the day, when I was a kid, things were simple. HVAC was your fireplace. Everything at my parents house was old. Of course, back in the day I didn’t need A/C to engage in sports.


My new cooling equipment

I feel very lucky to be able to be a stay at home mom.  I run my own business out of my home. I have several other moms that work for me as well. In the new addition on the house, we were able to house our offices. Each room has multiple desktops running, along with copiers and other office machines. We are on our computers many hours as we are primarily a web based business.  Not to mention the additional office equipment required to complete or tasks.  It tends to get pretty hot in the offices from the many computers constantly running. The other moms that work for me, have complained that it gets too hot to work, and that the computers start to overheat, which I’ve already noticed as well, and was working on a solution. I contacted my HVAC dealer for his opinion. He explained to have several zones installed in my home. Having my residence and my offices on a few separate thermostats will be ideal. By having this zoned, I can control the offices and keep a cooler temperature, while having my house at my desired temperature. Having the capability to control the offices separately from the house, has made an incredible difference. Due to the cooler temperatures it allows the computers and copiers to work without overheating. It results in a comfortable work place. I’m very glad we contacted my HVAC contractor to get his opinion. By having the heating and cooling system zoned, it has made an immense difference in how I and the other mothers work. If I ever have to add on to my active offices, I will be sure to had another zone with the HVAC system specifically for that new addition.A:C

Air conditioning products

It has been a crazy summer is all I can say. The trials of owning your dream house sometimes don’t seem worth a investment. At this point I think that all of my appliances are communicating and causing me more headaches than they can be worth. It began with the stove and the electric ignition system. This is the part that enables the burners to light.  It decided to break.  I found that it would more expensive to repair than it was to simply replace it. Then came the refrigerator and freezer that just decided to defrost itself at any moment.  This was very frustrating. I really began to think that my appliance had something against me. The final straw was when my air conditioning unit made a decision to stop working. At least I found that I did not need to replace that, I have a quality HVAC guy that I trust and he was able to repair it. He ensured me that it will last for several more years. I really don’t understand why had so many breakdowns this summer but I’m looking forward to fall.  I am just so over summer at this point.  Hopefully, I will not have to deal with so much once the weather is cooler. The last thing I need is more expenses and repairs to make. I also decided that if I ever elect to move again, I will probably rent a place as opposed to own a house again. This would eliminate my responsibility of the repairs as they’ll be on the owners not me.

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Wishing I could be in the A/C now!

We experienced severe weather in my town a few days ago. We had tornado alerts and additionally flash flood warnings. It was terrible. It came out from nowhere and was completely unforeseen. Earlier in the day, it had been nice and sunny outside. Just hours later, right before I was planning to leave the house, the sky turned gray and gloomy. It began pouring rain several minutes after, complete with thunder and additionally lightning. When I looked out the window at the darkness, I knew I could not drive in the downpour, so I decided to stay at home and wait it out. Each time it rains, the temperature outside drops by at a minimum ten degrees, which causes the temperature on the inside of my house to drop, almost instantaneously. I like the house cool, but not cold, so I always turn the temperature on the thermostat up to keep a chill from invading whenever it rains. The only problem is that whenever I do this, the air in our house gets this uncomfortable, sticky feeling. Instead of cool, refreshing air in the air conditioning, the air suddenly is thick and warm. As soon as there is a break in the rain, or it calms down some, I open the windows slightly to let the humid air out and allow the cool outside air in. It can be only temporary, though, because somehow the mugginess finds its way back into my house within the hour. Eventually, I resort back to my air conditioning, turning it on regardless of the chill that it inevitably brings as being the rain falls down outside.

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A/C and my zone control

Personally I think that I am extremely blessed for having found my wife. I mean, it seems like it can be quite the impossible task to find that special someone that you want to spend the rest of your life with. I have been in a position to do just that and I love spending every possible moment that we have together. I wish it was conceivable to be with her constantly, but our lives are merely too busy to even conceive of this happening. We have four young kids, school, church, and other interests and hobbies that take up a great deal of our time. Many times, when the kids finally go to sleep at night we both will retire with the living room to work on our separate work requirements. There is one problem though, we generally run into and that is exactly she tends to get certainly hot easily and I tend for any bit more cold. It is difficult to adjust the thermostat so as to satisfy both of us. She will try to cool down a little and then I end up turning the heat up a tad so that I will begin to feel better. The temperature is difficult to get right. We might have discovered the perfect solution for people like us though. We have heard there’s such a thing as HVAC area control. If we were to get that then we could both be in different rooms and enjoy a temperatures that suits us both. Hopefully we will get it installed, soon. One thing though is that we will need to hire a technician so that job gets done right.

HVAC equipment 

Servicing your air conditioner is the smart move

It’s time for winter again, and snowfall has barely started to incorporate itself into the surroundings. Soon, we can look forward to multiple bouts of blizzards, and most likely there will be several feet of snow. I usually love this time of year, when I get to play with my children like I would always play outdoors at their age. Sure, there are negatives such as snow shoveling, and ice chipping, and additionally salting, but snowmen, snowball spats, and sledding make all of the negatives completely worth the trouble, particularly when it results in a happy look on my childrens’ faces. Naturally, it was just my chance this year that about a week ago, without warning, my furnace went kaput, and apparently never to return. I started by scouring the net for heating and cooling systems, as well as just heating components, to check out whether I should do a discount package or not, and if not, which type of heater suited me best. The biggest factor besides comfort and reliability was needless to say, the cost. I hadn’t prepared for  this, and was even considering just dealing with the cold. I looked at oil furnaces, gas furnaces, along with electric furnaces. My findings were just barely within my cost structure, due to lack of forethought with this HVAC disaster. Then I took an effective peek at some energy efficient heating and cooling systems that come in newer HVAC technology, and supposedly save you a lot of cash in a short period of time plus going forward. Since my HVAC unit altogether was on the verge of 12 years old, I thought to take this option. A local air conditioning company had one available as a promotion, which easily fit my budget. I can’t wait to see how it will work out.

air conditioner service plan 

This country club is my favorite place to be

My fiance and I frequently pay a visit to our country club. We love to golf and take every possible opportunity to hit the greens when the weather is beautiful out. I love getting dressed up and driving the cart around. The sun really starts to get hot around noon, usually when we’re around hole 9 of 18. This means we spend about two hours attempting to hide from the direct sunlight to maintain from overheating or burning. The country club is really good about having a beverage cart float around so we are able to stay hydrated. The golf pro shops in addition to the dining rooms are always air conditioned to help cool us down after our hot day. One day we went to the lounge to cool off and yes it was completely empty. This is very odd right at the end of a hot day. It merely took another minute to understand exactly why. The bartender apologized and told us that the HVAC system was broken and there was going  to be no air conditioning until tomorrow. The HVAC technician was scheduled for first thing tomorrow morning to get it fixed. We were extremely disappointed that we couldn’t relax after our round. We went back a couple days later to uncover the air conditioning was blowing stronger than ever. The air was so clean and refreshing after being on the range all day. We sat at the bar and enjoyed the cool air for at least an hour. The newly serviced HVAC system looked like it was running good like it was cutting edge. It definitely made up for the uncomfortable heat from the unit a couple days before.

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Strange weather patterns

A couple months ago I was all alone in my residence when I experienced my first bad storm living on my own with my own heating and cooling unit. Growing up I had always loved to watch thunderstorms from inside my residence. My dad and I would sit on our front porch, crank up the heating and cooling unit a little bit and watch the rain fall until the storm had passed. The sound of rain hitting my residence’s roof is so relaxing; it wasn’t until I was alone in my own residence that I had been afraid of a storm. Unfortunately, these storms due have the tendency to take out the residence’s infrastructure from time to time. I couldn’t imagine living in Tornado Alley where entire residences are lifted up and destroyed. During this storm my residence’s heating and cooling unit had been shut down and the residence also lost all of its power. After about two hours without power inside of my residence, the residence started to get really warm and I wished for the heating and cooling unit to turn back on. The windows began to steam from the temperature difference caused by a lack of a running heating and cooling unit. Unfortunately, my power came back on in my residence but my heating and cooling unit didn’t. I called a local HVAC engineer and they assured me that it shouldn’t be a problem to fix my heating and cooling unit. The HVAC engineer came out the next morning and sure enough had my heating and cooling unit back up and working in no time. Now I just need to get over my fear of being in my residence alone when a storm passes through!HVAC

I enjoy rain storms

I often sit in front of the window in my residence when it rains and simply listen to the soothing sounds while the heating and cooling unit cools me off. Where I live the rain creates quite a bit of humidity so I have to have the heating and cooling unit running whenever I am inside my residence on a rainy day. When I was younger, I used to enjoy sitting outside of the hours in the rain and letting it fall on me at will, and my dad would be really mad when I came inside soaking wet. When I was sitting by my window within the residence just the other day, I thought to myself that it’s funny how the world outside can be drenched in water but the heating and cooling unit keeps the conditions inside perfect. I definitely give my thanks to whoever invented the heating and cooling unit. The heating and cooling unit doesn’t just keep me comfortable inside my residence when it is raining. My heating and cooling unit has air conditioning capabilities as well, so it is a good rescue in the summer. At that point I would often freeze underneath the heating and cooling unit’s air ducts because of how cold they are, so I would change the temperature control on the heating and cooling unit to something much warmer for the time being. I seriously need to thank my dad for having a residence with such a wonderful heating and cooling unit. Seriously, the heating and cooling unit within my dad’s residence when I was growing up kept me safe and comfortable on many days. Once I have my own residence I will certainly be installing a great heating and cooling unit as well.

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