My apartment

Moving south has been a really thrilling experience. The scenery is totally different. Instead of short, heavy pine trees, the pine trees here below are scraggly and as tall for a house, with branches only for the very tips. There are marshes neighboring the river, and palm shrubs on every street corner. Small brown lizards live in the bushes outside of the apartment, and sometimes I discover them resting in corners of this patio. My least favorite change, however, has been all those insects. Mosquitoes and flies are everywhere, and they seem bigger! Just the other day, even while shopping, a big black beetle scurried along the floor, as big as my hand. Now I can’t halt worrying about insects getting indoors! I sealed all my windows and doors, and placed ant traps inside the kitchen. My apartment came with a new HVAC system, and I will control heating and cooling easily with my thermostat. With excessive temperatures, I always have my air conditioning unit running, and I worry that insects will get into my ductwork and are now living the vents. I never concerned with bugs too much before, when I lived in a much cooler climate. Here, though, beetles and flies thrive throughout in the warm weather. Luckily, my landlord has regular HVAC repair scheduled, which includes seasonal ductwork maintenance. The HVAC provider inspects most of the ducts in the building and makes certain there are no leaks or even cracks. This way, insects can’t go into the ducts, and the air conditioning equipment emits cleaner air. I am so thankful that my apartment building insures the heating and cooling system! Moving to a new area is always tense, but I feel much better understanding that the heating and cooling vents are properly maintained.

A/C can be just what you need

I never realized there would be times, other than a temperature, when your body can heat up so much that it has difficulty cooling itself down. Last summer, I ran a 5K on the fourth of July. It was thrilling to be dressed all in red, white and blue and to have so many spectators waving flags along the route of the 5K run. The Independence Day parade finished much like the runners lined up in the starting line. It was the first time I had ever run a race in the middle of the day and the midday heat took a toll on my body, so much that I had to drop out of that race after the first kilometer. Two firefighters were working in the race and helped me in a nearby building. Never has A/C felt so good. It was like I could finally breathe again after I felt that cold surroundings hit my face. Ironically, this building itself was an HVAC company, so you can imagine how well their air conditioner worked. The firefighters helped me sit down right in front of the vent of the air conditioner with the intention that I could easily feel that cool air. One brought me cool water and other called my husband who had started the race just before me and didn’t discover I was ill. Within a couple of minutes, my husband walked through a building doors saying, “Wow! This air conditioning feels great! ” After about 20 minutes, the cool air conditioning had lowered my body temperature and I felt a great deal better that I was ready revisit out to the race. Not only did I walk all of that race, I frequently stopped at air conditioned buildings just to cool off.

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An easy air duct cleaning

If you weatherproof your house, don’t forget your ductwork. While ductwork is often overlooked, it is one of the very most important systems in the dwelling. Ductwork is often the trigger of severe energy waste. Ductwork ought to be designed, sized, and implemented accordingly, in order to facilitate airflow. Sufficient airflow is necessary for your household’s HVAC system to operate efficiently and reliably. When airflow is fixed, the heating or cooling unit struggles to satisfy the demand of the thermostat. This requires much longer cycles, which results in higher electrical power bills, and greater wear in addition to tear on the components. You’re going to spend more for less convenience, and face more frequent HVAC service needs. Airflow can be blocked by contaminants inside the duct system. Dust, construction clutter, bugs, and even dead rodents can clog the ductwork. Polluted indoor air quality is often the end result of bacteria or debris in your ductwork. Over time, seams within the ductwork may begin to lose air. It is necessary to seal these seams with mastic taping to counteract energy losses. Cracks and holes within the ductwork also allows energy to get away. Conditioned air escapes out of these holes, and unconditioned air is pulled in. If the ductwork is located in the garage, basement, or some other small spaces, this unconditioned air may add fumes, dirt, and other additives. It is a good idea to make contact with an HVAC provider who specializes in ductwork. They have the adequate tools, training, and experience to help inspect ductwork, seal leaks, in addition to replace sections if necessary. The method is quick and inexpensive, and can lead to significant energy savings.

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HVAC inside a really small home

My husband and I have been considering the choice of building a tiny house for the future. We became interested in that cultural phenomenon of tiny houses several years ago, before it became so unusually popular. However, when we first became interested in the idea of building a tiny house, there have been not very many ways to put a heating and cooling system in one. Currently, however, there are several options one could use to cool a tiny property. Mini splits and window units are two common strategies to cool a tiny house. Mini splits can even be less obtrusive and more energy efficient than the usual window unit. They are as well ductless, which means less work for us to have an HVAC system installed, as perfectly as less air lost because of ductwork. However, the initial cost to a mini split is considerably greater than a window unit. A certified HVAC technician is in addition required to install a little split unit. Another idea for consideration is often a portable AC unit or a compact air conditioner. A good point about such types of kinds of systems is that some feature a 24 hour timer, a self evaporative system, are energy efficient, have a built in dehumidifier, and tend to be environmentally friendly. This seems like the best option for our money and our savings in my experience, but these kinds of systems typically are a bit bulky and take up precious space for a tiny home. Although, we can also go while using a more traditional, and the cheapest method which is a standard box or oscillating fan. It seems like whichever unit we pick, it will be much more energy efficient and cost-effective on an air conditioning system installed in a tiny house as opposed to the larger house we are right now in.commercial HVAC system

My wife makes me happy

I might for sure tell anyone that my wife is a lot better than me and so much more responsible. I know that I am bias in the matter, but it is just how it is. She keeps me in check of course, if it were not for my wife then life would be way worse therefore I have so much gratitude for my wife and for being in my life. I am truly an extremely lucky man. She is also more responsible than me when it comes to servicing and staying on top our HVAC system. She is constantly the brains behind buying filters for it and replacing the older ones. It is suppose to come to be my responsibility, but it is something that I actually don’t think about quite often. I guess it is one of those out of sight, out of mind moments. I tend to possess a lot of those. I know that you have to keep a clean filter in since the device allows for the HVAC system to work at its full potential. If it were not for her we would be sucking in some pretty unhealthy air and we might be worse off for this. Filtering out the air as well as the dust and the pollens and everything that gets inside your home is a must because it makes our living situation a whole lot more better and I beyond doubt am down for that. I can let her adjust the temperature at whatever she wants since she is so good about changing that filter. She has for certain earned it.

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I don’t like high utility bills

I moved into a new apartment recently for several reasons. First of all, my old apartment was extremely aged. Secondly, I was working at a better job, and thus had more money to take on rent. Thirdly, my utility bills at my old apartment ended up being getting ridiculously expensive, due to the ineffectiveness and inefficiency of the HVAC unit that that apartment had. I picked out an exciting new apartment in a better element of town and signed the lease last month. I moved in just a few weeks ago. I love the brand new place so much! It was in a quiet neighborhood and has a covered porch and wood surfaces! It is such an excellent place, and I am actually ready to invite friends over now that I have a place of which I can be proud! These things are typically lovely bonuses, but the best benefit, to me, is that I’m sure actually saving money while leasing a much nicer place! My new apartment has a much more efficient HVAC unit with a smart thermostat, and it works very well! My apartment always has the air cool, and the air quality could be very good as well. I cannot be happier with my choice! My utility bills have ended up almost forty-five dollars cheaper over the past few months, just because in the better HVAC unit. I would definitely recommend studying the difference in HVAC units along with their effects on utility bills to anyone buying a new apartment. I am living proof that it can be a much more economical decision to advance to a nicer place by using updated equipment!commercial HVAC

I love how much room there is

I would say that the majority of the friends that I keep came from where I work. I have been working at the same place for almost twelve years now and after that I have seen most people come and go. It is always pretty tough to have to say goodbye to a friend and especially someone you’ve gotten close to. There are some people which are there just as long as I have and as a result I have been able to become real good friends with them. I have different friends by means of different likes. Some of him or her I talk sports with, or family, and even the oft cursed politics. I was talking with a friend at work person and we were saying how that it was so hot inside the site we were working. He remarked how that it was similar to his home together with how he always was cranking up the AC to match the heating that invaded his home. His home is in the middle of a field and there can be no trees around him and so it’s fully exposed to the sun’s rays and therefore he has to run this AC to combat it once in awhile. He says that his power bill is pretty high due to this and wishes that he may have some trees around to shade his house in order that it would not heat up the maximum amount. He has no plans move and is super willing to tough it out and then to make it happen. I was worried that he will need a new HVAC system soon if they have to keep maxing it out there everyday.

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I’m in love with this space heater

Last weekend we decided to go camping, it would be our very last opportunity to do so for a long time as it was already overdue fall. We kept our eye relating to the weather for the weekend we were planning on going on a while and looked like it becomes a perfect weekend for us to be there. We packed our warm clothing, lots of blankets and I actually brought my space heater! We were going to vacation in a small, rustic log cabin for the long weekend. I knew the cabin isn’t equipped with an HVAC system, but I figured easily brought my space heater then that is going to produce just enough heat to hold us warm throughout the night time. Our first night we got all ready for bed and I plugged within the space heater and turned the heating system on. I set the heat to 68 degrees. Well, within only an hour not only did our space heater let down but I blew the fuse. The cabin operated on one simple fuse, so all of our electricity had turned off. We had no lights with no heat! I was so angry with myself for not really thinking of that. My husband and I were cold the whole night and when morning came we had to call management to come look at the fuse box. I learned this lesson, but I think next time we decided to go camping in the fall I can do my research to get a cabin that is equipped by having a HVAC system. Having heat on those cold nights can make for a smoother family trip.

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I can’t believe how hot it has gotten

Year after year we take a family voyage. We try to go someplace new yearly. Most of the time, it negotiates well, and the weather can be cooperative. We try to stay within driving distance, so that we can save some on money. Normally we go for no more than five days, or at minimum, a weekend. Well this adventure, we decided to drive the farthest we ever have; 10 hours south. It sounded great at the start. Until the week of, we seen the weather, and it was projected to be 94 degrees and higher on a daily basis. We drove the entire way down together with the air conditioning on full bore inside the car. Us northerns are not used to that type of heat and humidity for long periods of time. Once we arrived at our destination, we did not want to get out of our cool, air conditioned car, to step into hot, humid weather. We couldn’t wait to get to our resort room that already had air conditioning going. We planned on doing quite a few things outside, like mini game, hiking and walking the town, but none of these things really happened, besides playing mini golf during the night. It was just way too hot to remain outside. We’d much rather enjoy our time relaxing in our air conditioned rooms, with a couple drinks and playing some cards. We had our room set to 66 degrees, so whenever we walked in from going out to dinner, we were blasted using cold, refreshing air. It ended up being great. It made sleeping terrific too. A/C is a wonderful asset to have when you go away on vacation, because you never really know what the weather is going to be like when you get to a destination.

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Monitoring my temperature

The area I live is very strange when it comes to the climate. The temperatures fluctuate rapidly all the time here. Even within one day the highs may be about twenty-four degrees different in comparison to the lows. When the sun appears I generally find myself wishing for ac and the thermostat within my house recognizes this desire and turns the air conditioning on. The air conditioning probably runs around half the day. During the night, there is absolutely no dependence on air conditioning. In fact, the temperature drops so low in which my furnace usually kicks up and heats my home. It blows my mind the amount the temperatures fluctuate throughout every day. Luckily, everyone that lives in a area is prepared for this as all of our homes are equipped with some pretty heavy duty HVAC systems. I am quite sure that the HVAC companies out here develop a pretty decent living since everyone around me knows the beauty of keeping our HVAC systems current and maintained. It isn’t unusual to see HVAC company vans parked close to homes in the neighborhood providing maintenance with the various residents HVAC systems. Actually, I know I have them come out there to my home about four times per annum. Without my HVAC system, personally I think my body would get into shock with the insanely fluctuating temperatures at my area. Having my HVAC system change from heating to cooling typically as it does ensures we absolutely need to keep my own HVAC systems maintained and up to par. No one in my area would want to face the consequences of a broken or malfunctioning HVAC system.

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